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   Chapter 1078 Extra Story 59 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Settlement

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Therefore, it would be really hard for her to handle the case, regardless of who was right and who was wrong. Evelyn was pushed to the ground by Jerome. There were bruises on Evelyn's arms and legs. Then Charlie hit Jerome on the face.

Both parents were led to the office by the teacher. When the middle-aged man saw Jerome, he almost cried out at the sight of his son's horrible face. Jerome was his only son, the apple of his eyes and the reason for his existence. He had always doted on his child and treated him more as important as his own life. Whatever Jerome demanded, he would try his best to get it for him. How could he stand his son being beaten by someone else?

Interestingly, Jerome's physical appearance was exactly the same as his father. He had grown more horizontally than vertically. Before they came, he was glaring at Charlie with an eager expression of getting revenge on his face. When he saw his father, he immediately wailed in sorrow. He cried out so loud that everyone who heard him would believe that he had been ill-treated.

On the contrary, Charlie was staring at Jerome with a disdainful look. When he saw his father, he held on to his sister and brought her to him. Evelyn wasn't badly injured, but there were a few scars on her delicate white skin. Some medicinal fluid had been applied on the scars, but they were still red.

When Evelyn saw her father, she winked her cute big eyes, and quietly murmured, "Daddy, please don't blame Charlie. It's my fault. I didn't protect myself well."

Standing just beside Brian, the teacher heard Evelyn. She couldn't help feeling sorry for the little girl. The reactions of both Evelyn and Charlie were totally different from that of Jerome. The teacher suddenly realized that, though the kids received the same education in the kindergarten, what really made a difference was the education from their parents.

Seeing his child's innocent eyes, Brian squatted down, one leg kneeling on the ground, examining her arm he gently asked, "Does it hurt?"

A bit afraid that her father might scold her, Evelyn shook her little head and nervously replied, "Daddy, it's not Charlie's fault. That food box was prepared by mom. I promised mom that I would finish the food. But it dropped on the floor. I couldn't eat that anymore. Jerome didn't even say sorry!" Then she closed her eyes in sorrow and tears were brimming on her lids.

In the Long family, Evelyn wasn't the most beautiful, but she had a pair of adorable eyes, which were shockingly pure and vivid, so vivid that they seemed to talk. The long eyelashes would swing up and down, like a fan made of black feather.

"I don't blame Charlie." Hushing her, Brian smiled caringly to his daughter. "He did the right thing. He should protect you. Although I don't think force shoul

his recovery, and the mental healthcare…" Confidently, Brian listed out a series of fees. In the awe of the headmaster and the middle-aged man, he continued coldly, "All the above-mentioned fees, will be paid to you according to the standards of the private Dragon Empire Group hospital. But, your son has to apologize for what he did to my daughter!" Brian motioned to Mr. Shen.

"Do I look like I never see money before?" From the way Brian had put it, Tyronn felt that he had been insulted. "I can ask my son to apologize. But I want your son to kneel down and apologize to my son first!" Rage had engulfed Tyronn, making him miss a very important point in Brian's words. Even the teacher standing by caught the phrase "private Dragon Empire Group hospital". It became quite clear what background Mr. Long had. However, Tyronn seemed to be oblivious to that as he was so immersed with pride and anger.

All this time, Brian wasn't a man who enjoyed overpowering others by his identity, but Evelyn mentioned that Jerome didn't say sorry to her after topping down her lunch box. Molly had taught Evelyn that anyone who did anything wrong needed to apologize. It was okay to be wrong yet only those who were willing to apologize sincerely could be forgiven. Her mother's teaching had been a golden rule for her and that was how the world should be like for that innocent girl. He wanted to keep and protect her innocence that was why he insisted that Jerome should apologize to her.

But Tyronn seemed to be so stubborn. Gradually, Brian turned impatient, his face turning shadowy. The headmaster gave Tyronn some obvious cues, signaling to him to agree to what Brian had just said, but Tyronn didn't seem to care. He went insensitive and just went on with his demands.

Brian let out a sigh. "It seems that Mr. Shen, you don't want it to be settled in a peaceful way."

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