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   Chapter 1077 Extra Story 58 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Settlement

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Witnessing the scene in front of him, Vincent was suddenly confused, 'Was Cora wrong?'

With several answers running on his head, he suddenly questioned himself. He had always remembered Cora as a proud woman, a woman who was as gratified as a queen. But right now, she was crying so hopelessly, like a beggar, wet, dirty and rotten in the streets. It seemed that she had lost all her dignity. Vincent couldn't help but sigh silently for her. For Vincent, Brian, and the rest of the men in black suits, Cora was wrong. But to Cora… She was just fighting for her love. That was absolutely all right. She couldn't think of anything wrong with what she had done. Then what went wrong all this time? If there was one thing that could be blamed, it should be that she did it at a wrong time or seized a wrong chance.

"Brian, I can't accept it! I can't accept it!" Struggling to straighten up and gathering all her remaining strength, Cora shouted hysterically.

Surprised by her sudden outburst, Brian gradually rose while his eyes were still fixed at the poor woman. Dirt was all over her face, traces of blood were around her lips, and tears were still on her cheeks. Deep inside her heart, she was totally broken, irreplaceably broken. Never had she been so pained and damned like this before. Moreover, she had never anticipated it to be this painful.

"Alright, here is your final chance." Putting his hands on his pockets this time, Brian stated slowly, "I will arrange a game between you and Mol." Though Brian wasn't finished with his sentence yet, Cora's eyes immediately lit up. "The reward will be me. If you can win, I will give you the chance you want!" Giving emphasis to his conditions, he stared at Cora for a few seconds. However, before she could even respond, he turned and walked towards his car. While walking away, he ordered, "Vincent, take care of Miss Ke."

"Yes, Mr. Brian Long." Vincent understood what Brian really meant. With Brian gone, he watched Cora and saw the woman's eyes, which were filled with disbelief and excitement. In his heart, he told himself, 'This woman is too stupid.'

With a sway of his hand, he ordered the men to grab hold of her and get her into the car.

After Brian returned to A City from the suburb, it was almost the time when Charlie and Evelyn should be released from school. He thought it would be a nice idea if he could p

ould still remember Brian bringing the children to school on the first day of school. It just happened that Brian was standing at a blind spot just now. On his point of view, Brian could see the teacher but the teacher on the other side couldn't see him.

"Mr. Long," the teacher said in embarrassment, "Jerome accidentally made Evelyn's food box drop on the floor. Evelyn was angry and they had a quarrel. In the end..." Looking at Brian while explaining what had happened, the teacher could clearly feel Brian's eyes turning cold. Suppressing her shivers, she mustered her courage to continue, "In the end, they had a fight. Jerome pushed Evelyn down. Mr. Long, you should know that Charlie always protects his sister. So…"

The rest of the story didn't need to be told. Brian could imagine that Charlie joined the fight to protect his sister and that Jerome must be badly injured. By the time the teacher came to their rescue, Jerome was crying hard on the ground, face swollen with bruises. Immediately the teacher brought Jerome to the infirmary. The incident had put the teacher in a predicament that she feared she might lose her job. She was well aware that Jerome's father, the middle-aged man by the name of Tyronn Shen, held power in the provincial government. Evelyn was a cute girl and Charlie was equally adorable. Although the teacher didn't personally know who their parents were, a simple guess would lead to the conclusion that their parents must be someone with high status in the society. All the parents of the children in this kindergarten either had money or power.

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