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   Chapter 1075 Extra Story 56 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Deciding

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The car slipped quietly into the parking lot of the Long family mansion. Eric looked at the exotic cars and couldn't help but sigh. 'It's a banquet of ambush.' "Headache!" he exclaimed.

Lenny turned her head in the direction that Eric was looking, and there she saw a lemon yellow sports car and a well regulated Bentley. When she noticed the license plate, her eyes suddenly became a little cold.

Considering that Eric was single now, the former ruler and his wife began to look for suitable ladies from famous families for Eric. Of course, they weren't too concerned about the lady's family status or background. However, the daughters from the rich to the ordinary white-collar workers, from the military officers to the famous stars, none of them had been able to make a mark on Eric's heart.

Lenny knew why that was. It was because Eric had not forgotten Molly.

Although now it seemed that both Eric and Lenny's assumptions had been wrong. The visitor who had come was the helmsman of some great family, and the owner of the sports car was his daughter. However, they weren't here for Eric to be introduced to his daughter. They had been invited by Richie, to have dinner and to discuss the obstacles Eric had met in the development of the Dragon Island.

It was worth mentioning that the words of the ancestors are based on life. As the old saying goes, 'many things grow in the garden that was never sown there, ' and it happened miraculously to Eric and that woman.

Eric got out of the car and casually with his hands in his pockets went toward the mansion. On the way there he came across Richie and a guest who had visited before. Eric didn't know what the relationship was between the guest and his Uncle Richie; however, they seemed to be old friends. They seemed to be like bosom buddies and were inseparable the whole day.

"Uncle Richie!" Eric called out and nodded to the guest.

"Frank and Smart are waiting inside," Richie said calmly. His eyes were so deep that nobody could see through them. "Be flexible and go easy today! Even if it can't be done, don't mess it up. Otherwise, your actions will become a stumbling block in the future."

Eric was struck dumb when he heard this, and his face went blank. 'It was a blind date, after all. Then why did it look like a battlefield without guns?'

Eric had no chance to ask any further questions because Richie walked away to the parking lot with the guest.

The guest who was with Richie was the God of Gamblers. He came to visit the Dragon Island from A City nearly one month ago. They didn't care about the fact that Brian and Cora were currently in A City together or the qualms that have. They thought that things between the two should be sorted out by themselves and didn't want to get involved. For if they meddled in their affairs now it may not seem like anything, but it would become a significant matter later.

"So, will your son let her go?" the God of Gamblers asked with doubt.

Richie smiled lightly and looked ahead. "The question isn't whether Brian is willing to let her go, but whether Molly would like to go with you?"

"What?" The God of Gamblers never thought about it in that way. In his view, B

City to A City, being also from the XK Intelligence Agency, she knew a lot about it. As a smart and resourceful woman, it was easy for her to avoid them.

However, there were mishaps even in the simplest things, and miscalculations did occur. Cora didn't expect that Vincent would come.

She couldn't help but be impressed with Vincent because he was relentless.

Vincent was notorious for his cruelty. He never counted the consequences of his work, but only the results. Therefore, many people knew of him, whether they were from the XK Intelligence Agency or outside. As long as they knew who he was, they would give him fearful respect. Of course, there were those who admired him and some who loathed him.

Cora had anticipated that Vincent would come after her once he learned of Tony's punishment now that he had become Brian's trusted subordinate. However, she didn't think that such a cruel person could change his style and take the method of conciliation.

"Vincent, I'm not convinced!" Cora said through gritted teeth.

Vincent shrugged. "I don't care!"

"......" Cora looked fierce and uttered the words in a low growl, "What do you want?"

"It's very simple..." Vincent looked around. "Which one do you prefer, single combat or group fighting?"

She didn't speak. Even if he had changed, many things had not changed, and she could see it in his eyes, just like this moment right now. No matter what she chose, she had to face everyone here. As for his words, only the main character changed, either she singled them out, or they smashed her. The result was the same.

As Cora prepared for combat, Vincent sighed. "Why did you have to do this? You have a prominent background and money. You're in good shape, and you're attractive. Why didn't you move on from Mr. Brian?" Then he paused for a moment and continued, "Actually, it doesn't matter now. You have some ideas about Mrs. Molly Long. That can't be tolerated, either by Mr. Brian nor by me!"

She glared at Vincent with an angry grimace and said in a cold voice, "I always thought that you were Brian's right hand... when did you become Molly's dog?".

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