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   Chapter 1073 Extra Story 54 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Experiment

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Despite her worries, the game began. The game was five-card stud one of the most popular games in gambling. Neither of them had big wins. Both of them seemed to be warming up.

Gradually, Molly's confidence was building as she remembered what Chester had taught her, and she became more composed. Although luck would play a major role in gambling, sometimes, one's feeling was also important. The person who was the most confident would probably have the best luck. Of course, in the end, one's skill would dictate the final winner.

It had been more than half an hour since the game had started and still, neither of them had won a lot from the other. Molly's cheating skills weren't the best. Shane had seen plenty of skilled cheaters. He noticed that at times she would be decisive, but sometimes she would hesitate. That was one thing that a cheater should never do. Because of that, Brian had accumulated slightly more chips than Molly.

Even though Brian knew nothing about gambling, he was a confident man. He had a true poker face, and nothing could be read from his face. As such, Molly couldn't work out what cards Brian was holding.

Gradually, the battle turned to a stalemate. Brian was still wearing a confident look, while Molly became more and more composed. After another hour of playing, the game ended. Brian lost!

It wasn't because Shane's skill became lesser, but it was because Molly had become more and more adept at cheating. She had been focused, and her skills had reached the highest level of her capability. Several times, she managed to change her cards at the last second, making it too late for Shane to help Brian.

"Now can you tell me... why are you doing this?" Molly's brows shot up, and a smug smile

don't want your life to revolve the children and me. I want you to do what you truly want to do in life."

Suddenly, Molly had become overwhelmed with emotions. The tears started to well up in her eyes. Gazing at Brian's handsome face through her hazy eyes, she confessed, "But I feel happy now."

Brian scooped the love of his life into his arms and said softly, "But, you have lost track of your own life…" He heaved a deep sigh. "This isn't what I want for you. Even though I do want to see you and have you around me every day, but it's not fair to you. Every person is an independent individual. You have virtually given up your right that everyone should enjoy. You have sacrificed too much for me."

Molly fell into silence, indulging herself in the scent of the man who was hugging her.

"The God of Gamblers is coming here in a few days," Brian said as he rubbed Molly's back tenderly. "You can make your decision when he comes. Now you should be able to understand why I insisted on gambling with you.

I wanted you to make up your mind and think about what you want to achieve in your life, not for me, not for the family, but for yourself."

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