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   Chapter 1072 Extra Story 53 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Experiment

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To the team, they felt honored to be regarded as Mr. Brian Long's brother.

When that man watched Brian's car disappear into the darkness, a proud smile crept up on his face.


Brian returned to A City by midnight. The city seemed to be more lively, with dazzling lights shining everywhere. He had to talk to Molly, and he had to do it now, at Grand Night Casino.

He didn't wish to intervene in Molly's life, but he had the responsibility and the right to tell her what kind of choice best suited her.

After he parked his car in the underground parking area, he went directly to the master control room located on the top floor. The moment he entered the office, he saw Molly standing in front of the bookshelf. She was so bored that she wanted to find some books that might help her kill some time.

As usual, she was dressed casually. The top she wore was a sapphire blue chiffon blouse, coupled with a long beige skirt that covered her toes. On her feet, she wore a pair of flat shoes, and her hair rested casually on her shoulders.

Molly didn't notice that Brian was there and still fumbled with the books. All the books were about casino management and financial advice with most of them being in English. She randomly selected a book in English on casino management and opened it. Staring at the words, she sighed. Molly remembered the time she was overseas with Spark. In order to get used to life there, she learned English from Spark and Manny, while taking care of Mark. Even though it was a tough period in her life, it was also rather fulfilling.

While she immersed herself in her memories, she turned around with the book in her hand. At first, she didn't notice, but when she felt a presence in the room, she abruptly raised her head and frowned—meeting Brian's deep e

could see how well Molly could do it.

"You're breaking the rules," Molly said. "You don't even know how to gamble. I can win without having to cheat."

Brian just smiled at her. "It's okay. I have Shane."

Molly was rendered speechless. Shane slipped on a pair of white gloves, the type that only dealers would wear. He smiled at her innocently letting her know that he also had no idea what was going on. She couldn't help but frown at the absurdity of it all. "Bri, what exactly do you want to do?" Shane was the dealer. He had all the cards and could do whatever he wanted. With all those odds against her, there was no way that she could beat Brian with Shane on his side. Of course, that was in a typical scenario, so the only chance to win was to cheat.

"If I win, you will promise me one thing. If you win, you can ask me to do five things for you!" Brian said and then glanced at the chips on the table. "Here are the chips. The game ends when one of us runs out of chips."

Molly's brows were twisted. She was apprehensive of what was going to happen next and what it was all about. Moreover, her opponent was Brian this time. She had no confidence that she was able to beat him.

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