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   Chapter 1071 Extra Story 52 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Experiment

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"Who says that I'm not part of this Casino?" Wearing a helpless look on her face, Molly stepped out. Gazing at the woman, she slowly uttered, "Miss, the one forbidden thing in gambling. Is to deny the result!"

The harsh words from Molly made the woman's face change colors. She bit her lower lip, as if trying to infuse herself with some courage, and raised her head. "My—my grievance is with him, not you," she stuttered.

Molly sighed and shook her head. Turning around, she said to Shane, "I'll leave her to you. Don't waste too much time on her. Your time can be better spent doing other things." She then gave Shane a friendly wink. "I'm going upstairs now."

Grinning, Shane nodded to show his acknowledgment. Before Molly walked towards the lift, she glanced at the woman once again.

It wasn't really necessary for her to confront that woman. Surely Shane knew the number on the dice. However, Molly hung back observing the woman for quite a while, and she could tell that the woman didn't seem to want to cause any trouble here at all. Nevertheless, Molly couldn't figure out why the woman was taking a stand.

Neither could Shane. Either way, he had his job to do and responsibility to keep order. Even though the woman wasn't trying to create a disturbance here, he still had to think of a way to block her from entering Grand Night Casino. The reason why Molly intervened was to make the process seem more natural. Sometimes, things had two sides and even though she understood what kind of business Brian was engaged in, she couldn't be as cold-hearted as he was.

A 'ding' sounded signaling that the lift had reached the top floor.

Molly walked out of the lift and went to the master control room. To her surprise, she didn't see Brian there.

She scanned the security screens in the room and frowned when she couldn't see Brian on any of the screens. "Where is he?" she murmured.

Molly took out her phone and dialed his number. A few seconds later, he picked up. "Bri, you're not in Grand Night Casino?" "No,"

Brian gently replied with a slight smile. "I have something urgent to deal with. Just wait for me there. I'll be there in half an hour."

"Okay." Molly nodded and hung up. However, when she did, she felt a sense of apprehension. It slowly

no real power anymore, the people who served him earlier were still loyal to him and always followed his orders. Who else in the world would be able to boast of such an accomplishment?

To the entire XK Intelligence Agency, Mr. Xie was like a legend. Whereas, Richie Long was the belief of the XK Intelligence Agency. Under Richie Long's leadership, XK didn't seem to expand its influence or make much more progress compared to when Mr. Xie led the agency. However, Richie was the man that Mr. Xie chose to take over, and he must have had his reason for which everyone respected. It seemed Richie could accomplish anything he set his mind to. He had the knack of dissecting complicated matters and turning them into simple ones.

Now, the leader had changed to, Brian Long!

To the people in the XK Intelligence Agency, he was neither a legend nor a belief. He was a man of flesh and blood, more like a brother that the team could trust.

He wasn't a man who only demanded results. He also cared about how things were conducted and carried out. Brian wouldn't merely sit back and reap the fruits of the success of his people. Instead, in every dangerous situation, he would always be the first one to act, to protect his people. As the leader, he had always put himself in the most dangerous position and take the bullet for his brothers. He had a natural flair for uniting the team and boosting everyone's morale. Everybody in the team was his brother, a lifetime brother whom he would devote his life to protect.

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