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   Chapter 1069 Extra Story 50 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Know When You Are Beaten

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5654

Updated: 2019-07-23 20:18

"Wow! It has been a long time since I heard your voice,"

said Shawn, not minding her attitude, "And you're still the same cold-hearted girl I used to know." He laid back on a hammock strung between two large maple trees.

"Get to the point please. Don't waste my time!" Yuri's voice was getting colder by the moment.

Much to her surprise, however, Shawn didn't freak out as he always did before. If anything, he sounded eerily friendly. "Just tell me where you are right now!"

Although Yuri was surprised at Shawn's reaction, she didn't want to talk to him right at this moment. She was having a quiet moment to herself by the sea, waves slapping over her feet again and again, while the sun sank over the horizon. Never did she imagine that she would one day enjoy such a peaceful time on a beach.

"I'm in Green Island now," Yuri replied briskly. She had dropped all the comings and goings between them. They were too familiar to each other and all the people regarded them as quarrelsome lovers. But now, she could finally shrug off all these thoughts. She thought she would live and die in a battlefield until the very end, but now that she had made it this far, she felt contented.

After hanging up the call, she raised her head to the sun low in the west. She was no longer young as well, but she had never felt so relaxed before.

This was life. No matter how good it was in her youth, all she ever wanted was a peaceful life. A peaceful life was a constant desire that every human being had in common.

However, life turned out to be more colorful than Yuri could ever imagine. In fact, she never expected that such a moment would come in her life. She had taken for g

t on the points of the opposite side. The people around can follow whichever side they like! Deal?"

Immediately, the eyes of every player who had made a tiny fortune betting on the woman lit up like fireworks.

The woman fixated her eyes on the new dealer with a confident smile. Even her eyes had an arrogant tint to them. "Deal!" she shouted without any hesitation. However, the next moment, she added, "It's a pity that the capacity of this table is not enough..."

"As long as your chips allow, all the VIP tables are now yours, Miss." Shane paused and then added, shooting a glance at the chips piled up in front of her, "I'm afraid that you'll need to work a little harder."

The VIP tables required five million minimum, and the woman only had around two million right now. Business was business, and there were no exceptions to the rules.

The woman didn't show any reluctance as she shook her head a little. "You're right. I need to work harder!" She made it sound like wining was something that could be done easily. Almost, at will. As if everything that was happening there was a part of her machination.

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