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   Chapter 1068 Extra Story 49 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Know When You Are Beaten

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7187

Updated: 2019-07-23 18:07

"Daddy, could you collect all my stuff for me please?" Evelyn pouted her lips at Brian. This young lady, who had been spoiled rotten, had the habit of ordering her father and brothers around all the time. Her talent was in her ability to ask the right person to do whatever she needed to get done. Evelyn knew that since her mother was going to take them out, she was in no position to ask her anything else. Thus, she decided to turn to her father for help since her mother would be busy getting herself ready. She knew how to subdue her father, so she gave him the innocent, puppy-dog eyes and topped it off with a bright smile that was sure to do the job for her.

Soon after, as Brian carried on doing what his sweet daughter had asked of him, Harrow knocked on the door courteously and was led inside by the maid. He was baffled out of his wits to find a Brian that was completely different from the one he knew. Sporting a pink schoolbag on his shoulders and thoroughly checking everything Evelyn needed, Brian was no longer the scary boss any more, but an ordinary, loving father.

"There you are!" Molly greeted him as she came out of the kitchen, with two children kettles in her hands. Gesturing at the twins to hurry up with her hand, she said, "Come on! Let's go!"

"See you, Uncle Harrow!" said Evelyn and Charlie.

But instead of heading to the door, Evelyn came over to Harrow and tugged at his sleeve.

Surprised, and mostly curious, Harrow bent down to see what she had to say.

To his surprise, the little angel tiptoed to kiss him on his cheek and then pranced out of the house with her mother and brother, with a big grin on her face.

Harrow couldn't tell what it was or why, but Evelyn's gesture left him with all sorts of mixed feelings in his heart. It seemed as though he was on the verge of tears as he faced Brian and said, "Every time I see the happy expression on Molly's face and sweet little Evelyn, I get this strange urge of grabbing the next woman I find on the street to make a family of my own!"

The corners of his mouth curved upwards and he nodded to Harrow with satisfaction. After his wife and kids

him, because he was still as muscular as the old days, and from the back, he looked nothing different from a man in his twenties. Moreover, he had something that young people didn't. He had the charms of an experienced middle-aged man who had aged like fine wine.

Shawn thought of Richie, seeing the intimacy between Vincent and Tony. He slipped back in time, as he did so easily nowadays.

Although it had taken the things most precious to him, at least he had his memories with him.

He could vividly conjure up every single competitive moment between him and Richie, as if they had just taken place the other day. Shawn shook his head with a bitter smile and it suddenly dawned upon him that he was old, old enough to live in his own memories.

"Gosh ..."

Shawn let out a deep sigh and turned around to walk towards the headquarters. He was tired and it was time for him to retire. After devoting years of his life to battle, Shawn realized that his life was incomplete and there were a lot of things that he still needed to do, while he hoped it wasn't too late for him.

Breaking for his journey of reminiscence, a figured popped into his thoughts and he took out his phone immediately. He smiled mischievously as he dialed the numbers, and when he got through, he asked directly without any hesitation, "Where are you now?"

"Quite frankly, where I am is none of your business!" Yuri replied with an icy voice.

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