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   Chapter 1067 Extra Story 48 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Know When You Are Beaten

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7143

Updated: 2019-07-23 00:16

Brian wrapped his arms around Molly in a moment and she let her head rest upon his chest. Lost in the passion her man brought to her, all her thoughts stopped as if her heart took over from her head when they were close. She had lost count of how many times they made sweet love to each other, but every time she would fall asleep in his arms. Rays of the early morning sunlight cast squares onto the glossy stone floor, reflecting onto several objects in the room which decorated its otherwise simplicity. The warm ball of light filtered through her thin eyelids and awoke her. She turned around to get up but her body felt like she had been run over by a car.

"Oh, it's killing me," Molly groaned. It had been a while since Brian had acted so passionately in bed. And every single movement she made sent painful tremors through her body.


As she lay in bed trying to ease her agony, she heard a knock on the door. She rubbed her eyes and shook her head to clear the sleepy fogginess in her head, lazily responding, "Come on in..."

But before she could even finish her words, the door was pushed open. It was Charlie. He stood by the door, staring at her with his hands resting on the handle, as if he was waiting to say something. "Mommy, breakfast is ready, and daddy is waiting for you.

Daddy said he's got other plans today, so you'll have to take us to get applied in school!" said Charlie, taking his time.

Molly was still in a daze in her sleep. She changed her position and sat upright on the bed, goggling at her son with confusion. "Good morning, sweetie! I'm sorry, but I didn't quite catch you. Have we already decided which school you were going to apply for?"

Charlie seemed to be slightly annoyed, sighing in exasperation, and said, "Don't you remember what Daddy said to you last night at dinner? We're going to study in A City, Mommy! I clearly remember you nodding your head at Daddy when he said it..."

"Did I?" murmured Molly, still gazing at Charlie blankly. In truth, last night when they were having dinner, all Molly could think about was how to make Brian leave the Public Voice alon

'good time' would be resting her head on Brian's lap while reading all the gossips about the celebrities she was interested in. If she weren't reading, she enjoyed to soak up all the Korean TV soaps and dramas. That was the Molly knew and fell in love with. Having understood her well, Brian knew that the best thing he could do for her was to let her be herself, instead of forcing her to be the woman he wanted her to be.

In time, his theory was proven right. Brian might not have been the most romantic partner, but he did the best he could to provide for her and their children.

After taking her seat, Molly gave Brian a furious glare before she asked which kindergarten the kids wanted to apply to and what she would have to do. She realized that the longer time she spent with Brian, the lazier and more mindless she became. That was because he took care of everything for her.

As for now, when it came to applying for a kindergarten for the kids, she would have done this without any problem by herself before, but now, as it turned out, she had to ask Brian about the details of what she needed to do. She was annoyed for feeling so helpless, as if without him, she wouldn't even be able to lift a finger.

"Okay, that's settled then. We'll head to the kindergarten after breakfast, and I promise everything will be perfect!" Molly said as she looked the twins, "And you two need to get your stuff ready."

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