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   Chapter 1066 Extra Story 47 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Being In Love

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5707

Updated: 2019-07-23 00:06

That made her think deeply - based on her previous experience, Bri would never allow such news to go viral like that. After all, if his personal life was exposed to the public, someone with an evil intention would take advantage of that opportunity to dig out more secrets about him. After all, no matter how outstanding you were in the world, you were doomed to face criticism if everyone was watching you.

This thought stayed with Molly until meal time. While eating, Molly was totally absent-minded. Around her were the twins talking about life with Brian. However, Molly didn't listen to that at all.

After the dinner, Brian accompanied the twins to do the handiwork, while Molly went to wash the dishes. When they went back Dragon Island, John and Lisa were traveling abroad, enjoying the sunshine and beach, so they couldn't be disturbed.

Speaking of them, when Molly found out what had happened to Lucy, she totally felt that was such a tragic thing to happen to a person. After all, because of that, she even lost her temper with Brian and was angry at him for a long time. But after second thought, she came to realize that she had already got a clue of what Brian was doing when he first put his plan into action.

To him, a disloyal man should never be forgiven. But since John and Lisa stayed with him for a long time, why didn't he take it into consideration? At the end of the day, Lucy was their daughter. There was no parent who would cold-shoulder their own children.

Molly had always believed that John and Lisa did know about the real cause of Lucy's death. However, they preferred to believe the illusion made by Bri. That car accident, despite the explosion, showed no signs of

n line with Molly's pace.

Expletives came one after another. Each time Brian touched Molly, Molly groaned, "Okay, that's all," but then carried on with "Yeah and go on", as if pushing and pulling on a rope.

They had seized every moment of the whole night to make love and have fun. They never got tired. Brian's expletives were becoming fiercer and fiercer, and more and more soul-stirring. The room was filled with strong affection and tenderness, and it made them forget time. Brian and Molly fully indulged in their passionate love making.

Of course, despite the deep pleasure she was having, Molly still persisted in raising questions to Brian, who might let her go.

"Why do you leave alone today's news report?" As she moaned due to Brian's actions, she continued asking questions, "It's... Hmm... It's completely... Ah... It's completely not your style. Hmm... Please slow down, Brian. Ah... Hmm..."

Brian gradually picked up speed, and went with harder expletives. Listening to Molly's uncontrollable moaning of pleasure, he held his lover tightly, deeply, as his lips quivered, readying for a triumphant release. .

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