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   Chapter 1065 Extra Story 46 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Being In Love

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5911

Updated: 2019-07-22 09:25

"But you are going to face bankruptcy sooner or later!"

"Yes! Even without today's event, our newspaper will still close down!"

"Well then, you'd better utilize yesterday's report to ask me for investment!"

"Without making any significant progress, financially or whatnot, how can we attract your attention, Mrs. Long?"

"Hmm, it makes sense." Molly said, nodding. "But since you took advantage of the affair concerning my husband and I to get my attention, it may lead to a result worse than the bankruptcy of your newspaper."

"That's why I'm betting, Mrs. Long!" Luis said, his eyes glittering, like stars in the night.

"Betting? What bet?" Molly repeated, her face colored with confusion. Her stupefied reaction only lasted for a few moments as she quickly understood what Luis meant. Laughing, she said, "Yet a bet requires chips."

"My chip is Mrs. Long's mercy and timeless love and trust for Mr. Brian Long!"

Hearing this, Molly burst out laughter. "As a senior journalist, you should not utter such unreliable words."

"As long as it works!" Luis exclaimed, shrugging again.

'Well, as long as it works.' An effective approach is the best approach in all situations.

Even Molly herself had no idea whether she was merciful or not. After getting used to XK Intelligence Agency's cruelty, and going through a lot of other things on the side, she felt like she no longer had any mercy in her. Everyone had their own life trajectory and no one had the right to interfere with it at any given time. However, when Luis said "her timeless love and trust for Bri", she felt moved.

It was this statement that changed the destiny of Public Voice suddenly, forever.

So far, Public Voice not only had been saved from bankruptcy, but it also m

Molly foamed with rage and gnashed her teeth. "What did you say, Charlie Long? Would you dare say that to my face again?"

Despite the threat, Charlie merely took a glance at Molly, and went back to focus on what he was busy with. After a while, he handed something to Evelyn, totally ignoring Molly, saying, "Here you are, Evelyn. I'll take another one!" While speaking, Charlie dragged the thing in front of Evelyn to his own side.

Sometimes Molly wondered why Charlie was less obedient than Mark, and less sweet than Evelyn? The whole thing made her face dark and made her mumble expletives under her breath. When she complained to people tearfully about Charlie, however, no one would believe her. That was because, Charlie behaved like a little perfect gentleman especially when there was someone else around.

Molly rolled her eyes with anger, and went to watch TV on the other side of the room. Breathing deeply to calm herself, she began flipping through the channels continuously. It had been a while since she started doing that but nothing really interested her. The previous entertainment channel was being dominated by Public Voice's headlines at the moment.

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