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   Chapter 1064 Extra Story 45 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Being In Love

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7408

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"So, all we could do right now is wait and see what happens?" Brian murmured in a peaceful yet helpless tone, as he laid on the couch.

Helplessness also crept up on Jason's face. It made it reappearance after it had gone so fast the moment everyone in A City was watching them. They could not put blame on both the public and the media, Actually, they needed to protect them. Once something unexpected happened to them, they would blame everything on Mr. Brian Long even if he did nothing wrong.

Although Brian couldn't give any more damn, in all actuality, Dragon Island was what truly mattered. Public opinions were deadly, especially for a businessman like him. That was why he refused to be reported by media and didn't allow them to publish any news about him.

Jason shrugged helplessly. "Brian, the truth is, it doesn't mean a lot to meddle in. I'm just worrying about Molly." Molly had worked as Jason's subordinate for such a long time. Although he might not fully see the whole scope of her personality, he was sure that her cowardice never changed since she was a waitress at the casino, and when she fell in love with Brian.

Also, Brian was such an excellent businessman. He was terrific in terms of appearance, personality and financial success. Besides those who had bad intentions, perhaps no one would agree that Molly was a perfect match for Mr. Brian Long.

Yet it was a different story when it came to Molly, a super confident girl.

Jason had a complicated mix of opinions towards her, even though he believed it was right for them to be together. One was strong, while the other was tender. They were well-matched to each other.

Looking at Jason, Brian smiled. In Jason's view, since their marriage, Brian often cracked a smile like this. At the very beginning, they had felt uncomfortable when they saw him doing it, highly afraid that if he became upset, their careers would end right then and there. But now, they had already gotten used to it.

"She won't!" Brian exclaimed, one hundred percent confident.

Sometimes Jason couldn't figure out how he could be so confident. As the saying goes, "A leopard cannot change his spots". Molly's character was shaped by both nature a

n his hometown. If Public Voice failed, chances are that his career of being a journalist would also came to an end.

As moments dragged on by, Luis' stomach started to get filled by butterflies. Seemingly knowing the right time to do something, Molly suddenly raised her eyes and looked at him, and asked slowly, "I've heard of your newspaper before." As Luis was about to reply, she raised her eyebrows and questioned him, "Your real purpose is to protect Public Voice, right?"

Upon hearing this, Luis' mouth twisted. While he was prepared to cover his true intentions up by saying something else, he finally gave up and nodded, recognizing that what Molly said was right.

"Don't you think that it is ridiculous?" Molly continued, her voice started sound like she's challenging Luis. "You manufactured a story to report on my husband's extramarital affairs and other violence." While she stated whatever she wanted to say, a sweet smile was plastered to her lips, "Your claims are at best pure fabrications and at worst a deliberate attempt to slander our good reputation. It not only embarrassed my husband, but also made me depressed. Considering what you have done before, isn't it ridiculous to ask me to do a favor to save your newspaper?"

Luis shrugged, remained silent for a few seconds, sat up straight, and looked at Molly earnestly, "But the most important thing is, Mrs. Long, that we are adding a circulation today, which is ten times more than before."

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