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   Chapter 1063 Extra Story 44 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Exposure

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Time went by slowly as the second hand turned around in circles. When the first glimmer of dawn appeared, people waiting for the newspaper had arrived at the office of the newspaper company.

After the last piece of newspaper was printed, Luis and his colleague in the printing department looked at each other and smiled. His colleagues distributed the newspapers to the delivery men waiting outside for them. Then with an air of authority, he instructed his colleagues who had been called to work overtime only this time to promote the rest of the newspapers to newsstands that had not subscribed to Public Voice.

"Our success or failure hinges on this one action. It will be the God who can decide whether we will live or die..." the editor-in-chief said while seeing the newspapers were taken away in stacks. He could not help but sigh deeply and pray hard that everything should end well in their favor.

With all the copies of the newspapers sent, Luis came to him and looked at him. When their eyes met, both of them smiled. Luis said, "Boss, I have a presentiment that our newspaper will not fail this time!" As soon as his words faded away, he took a newspaper, turned around and left the office of the newspaper company, without saying goodbye to anybody.

Nobody knew what Luis was going to do with that the copy of the newspaper in his hand. Since the hearsay that Public Voice was going to report on some major news today had spread, there were more newspaper retailers than usual who came to ask for today's newspapers. When they saw what was on the front page, they first looked at the editor-in-chief and the pile of newspapers, which seemed likely to fall at any time, then they asked for more copies of the newspapers.

The sun rose slowly from the east. While expelling darkness and quietness one more time, it sprinkled its warmth to the earth unstintingly.

Everybody, whether they were on their way to work or having breakfast at a restaura

wardly, Jason felt his boss' eyes were like sharp edges that were cutting his skin.

The latter's corners of mouth twitched. Putting the restraint on his fear, he said, "No... Not yet."

"What?" with his brows furrowed this time, Brian asked while pushing the chair behind him as he stood in surprise.

His response made Jason feel very oppressing. All of a sudden, he felt difficult to breathe. Secretly, he tried his best to swallow his slobber. The corners of his mouth were still twitching. He answered, "Public Voice is a pilot newspaper for freedom of speech. The local government didn't have the right to interfere in its operation. Whatever they want to report on, they need not report to the authority and obtain their approval in advance. Therefore..." As he stammered, Jason didn't know how he would finish his sentence as to not induce Brian's anger.

"Therefore, I can do nothing but see them continue?" totally vexed this time, Brian finished Jason's sentence in a calm yet gloomy voice. Slowly, he lowered himself to sit down again and leaned against the backrest of the chair.

Pressing his hands on his temples and being silent this time, Jason sensed that Brian was up to something seeing the frustrations he had this time. He lingered for a while and patiently waited for his orders.

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