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   Chapter 1062 Extra Story 43 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Exposure

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However, Public Voice, also a newspaper company, was an exception. Its office located at a two-story building at the periphery of the slum of the city was not a hotspot in the eye of the leaders when it came to news. Although this place didn't belong to the slum, due to similar terrain and public security, the buildings here were not different from those in the slum. Logically, a newspaper company would never place their office at such a place, if the purpose of the company was to gain profits by spreading the news. However, for the Public Voice, they had other aims aside from the news. Despite the fact that Public Voice had done that, the office had run for more than a year till now at A City, which was quite surprising.

As a national pilot in a country with relatively limited freedom of speech, Public Voice was allowed to publish news about sensitive topics without the approval of higher authorities. As a result, correspondingly, it couldn't win the favor of the leaders. Without their support, its sales had been decreasing since day one.

At present, in order to maintain its existence, many reporters of Public Voice were inclined to report gossips and scandals of celebrities in order to increase their sales. They had no other choice. Nobody placed advertisements on Public Voice, and their sales were dramatically downtrend. The newspaper would go out of business sooner or later unless the situation could be improved. In such a case, the worst result would be caused. The bright side of the society would be reported by all the leading newspapers in the city, while the darker unknown side, such as corruption, bribery, and crimes, would not be disclosed due to the efforts of pressure groups. In this way, the public would not know anything that they should know. That's where Public Voice would come into the picture.

The press photographer who had been at the airport earlier was waiting for the editor-in-chief of the newspaper to make a decision. He was somewhat anxious because the editor-in-chief had already looked through the photos for more than half an hour in a cold sweat but hadn't said a word yet. The photographer co

inalized the report. Reviewing the article for one last time, he felt satisfied at his work and headed on to the printing department and had his article printed. Sleep was not an option for him right now. Meanwhile, his colleagues in the department were waiting for his article and photos in a vigorous manner.

When a fellow reporter saw him look at the screen of his computer with delight and relief on his face, she knew that probably he had finished writing the article and something big will be served the next day that would blast the public. Curiously she walked towards Luis and asked, "Done?!" Luis nodded and said, "I've sent an e-mail to you.

Check it out and give me some feedback." "Okay...

I'll check on it now. I couldn't wait for the paper to be released to read it," his colleague answered eagerly. Heading to her computer, she opened her mailbox and began checking on her mail.

Everything was ready for Luis' article, the photos and the text were perfectly placed and carefully edited to make sure that everything was perfect.

The sound created by the operation of the printing machine was especially loud late at night, which sounded like a hammer kept striking on people who were waiting for the newspaper. It was past three o'clock early in the morning. Since it had been late when the typesetting had been finished and the volume of printing was at least tripled, the printing was half finished by now.

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