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   Chapter 1061 Extra Story 42 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Exposure

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With these thoughts in his mind, Tony felt more self-condemned and guilty. After taking a look at Brian, he lowered his head, while waiting patiently for his sentence.

"Tell me, Tony, how long have you been working for me?" without looking at him, Brian asked in a very peaceful voice, putting the glass of wine on the counter while swirling the ice cubes inside the glass with his fingers.

It was exactly because of Brian's peaceful voice that Tony's heart rose to his throat. He had been working for Brian long enough for him to know what Brian meant by showing every expression and saying every sentence. That was a basic requirement in working as Brian's bodyguard.

"Twenty-five years, sir," Tony answered after raising his eyes. How many twenty-five years could a man have in his lifetime? At the age of six, Tony had been taken to XK Intelligence Agency by Mr. Xie when he had been traveling abroad. At the agency, he had been trained for more than three years by prominent agents and skilled men, far beyond any other pieces of training offered by other intelligence agencies. Personally selected by Brian, who had been at a similar age to him, he had followed him and stayed by his side till now.

"Plus the period of time you had been trained at XK Intelligence Agency. You have been with me for a total of twenty-eight years," looking at him straight in the eye this time, Brian said while his sight turned sharp all of a sudden. "It seems that you have stayed by my side for quite long a time that you've forgotten to work hard and that you opted to be easy and comfortable." Brian's words were interrupted by every sip he made of his wine.

Taken aback by his remarks, Tony's eyes were fixed on Brian while his brain was totally empty as he couldn't find words to answer him. While Brian uttered those words, his heart had arrived at the edge of a cliff. He feared that Brian would expel him from his side.

"Mr. Brian Long..." breathing in some air, Tony said while gritting his teeth. Seeing that Brian took a slight glance at him and then turned around to have another sip of the wine, he made a decision desperately. Gathering all the remaining strength that he had, he said, "Please let me return to XK Intelligence Agency to receive enhancement training for the second time as a punishment."

"Approved. Go ahead," Brian answered in a plain

e ice cream." slightly jealous of her sister, Charlie said helplessly. "Otherwise, she will not have a meal. I know that because the same thing had happened for so many times."

Hearing that, Molly shrugged helplessly. She lowered her eyes to look at her younger son. With her eyes, Molly explained to Charlie that he could try to prevent his sister from eating ice cream because she knew she would not do that successfully.

Seeing the expressions in his mother's eyes, Charlie could do nothing but sigh deeply. The family of four got on the car and headed happily to the downtown. In the end, Charlie surrendered too as soon as he heard Evelyn call him "Brother Charlie, my dear brother would you like some ice cream too?"

At first, he hesitated but in the end, just nodded his head because the truth was he wanted some ice creams too. Molly couldn't help but smile and shake her head in disbelief at the back of the car.

At the newspaper office of Public Voice.

Generally speaking, a newspaper company in A City should have an acceptable workplace, even if it didn't sell well. If they wanted people to buy their news, they needed to at least look trustworthy. In A City, all newspaper companies seemed to be private enterprises, but they were supported by the country secretly. As a result, once a newspaper planned to publish something with a sensitive topic, they usually informed the leaders of the city in advance, asking for their opinion. If the leaders decided that the news could not be published, the newspaper would be very likely to give up their plan.

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