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   Chapter 1060 Extra Story 41Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Exposure

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7687

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"Screek, Screeekk..."

The sound of the camera shutter came through continuously as the man took legible photos while camouflaging himself against the walls. He had pressed the shutter several times and his camera captured scenes that were not supposed to be witnessed and exposed to the public. When he felt like he was about to be caught by a pair of eyes, he turned around abruptly and hid behind a pillar. Holding his breath, he stood still and pretended to be innocent while leaning against the wall.

He looked excited, which was indicated by the irrepressible smile at the corners of his mouth. Fortunately, he had taken more than enough photos. Since it was no longer safe to go on taking photos, he began looking through the photos he had just taken with the camera in his hands. As a result of the long distance between him and the subjects being photographed, none of the photos looked very clear, but every photo was legible enough for people who were familiar with Brian to recognize him.

Thinking of the possible profit he would make out of the photos, the man could not vanish the smile at the corners of his mouth. Quietly, he waited behind the pillar. After a while, he looked to the direction where Brian had been a while ago. Observing keenly, he saw that Brian was starting to stand up and walk outward. First, he followed Brian's footsteps with his eyes. Then he withdrew them from him and diverted it towards Cora. Excitement had been in his eyes from beginning to end. In the back of his mind, he was thinking how such a huge story reached the headlines of newspapers and even social media sites.

He just stared at Cora, without moving his body, until another two men appeared and said something to Cora. Then, moments later, the men and Cora seemed to come into conflict. They were cursing and exchanging mean gestures towards each other. Realizing that the dispute would be valuable for him, the photographer raised his camera as soon as possible and resumed taking photos. He kept pressing the shutter as if his hands were cramping. At the same time, he looked around cautiously with the side of his eyes now and then for fear that somebody would find out what he was doing.

However, he was safe, perhaps it was because he was blessed by God, or perhaps it was becaus

lly said in a calm and collected tone, as if nothing had happened.

Before they left, Charlie looked at Brian. Despite being a kid, he was smart and careful. Though he was not able to understand the world of adults completely, there was something in the way he looked that Brian found so amusing. It was as if he was telling his father that, "I got your back dad!" Brian smiled the thought out his head and felt even more proud of his son. At the same time, upon hearing that they would be having dinner outside, Evelyn looked excited. She cared for nothing except for food. She would be satisfied as long as she was given something to eat or to drink.

It was not until Brian saw Molly led the twins upstairs and walked into their bedroom that Brian withdrew his sight from them. He walked directly to the small counter aside, took out a bottle of wine and a glass, poured the wine into the glass, and then had a sip, totally ignoring Tony, as if he was not there at all.

Noticing Brian's cold treatment, Tony knew that he had made a huge mistake. As the person responsible to keep an eye on Cora, he had turned out to be grounded by the person he had kept watching on. Fortunately, such a mistake hadn't caused many serious consequences, because Cora's purpose had been different from Brian's many enemies. She had only wanted to get rid of Tony and meet Brian face to face. If she had any other purpose, inconceivable consequences might have been caused. Knowing Tony's reputation as Brian's bodyguard, he was unforgivable.

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