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   Chapter 1059 Extra Story 40 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Anger

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Hearing that, Molly rolled her eyes. She glanced at Charlie, who was smiling just as his father had guessed. Molly shook her head, helplessly. Although it was a good thing that her elder brothers cherished their younger sister, Molly didn't want Evelyn to grow into a dependent woman, and she didn't want her to depend on Mark or Charlie too much either. After all, Mark and Charlie wouldn't be able to accompany her all their lives. If Evelyn didn't learn to be independent enough, Molly was afraid if Evelyn ever encountered any problem in the future, she would run from it or face it like a coward, just like Molly had done when she was younger.

Hearing no response on the other end of the phone, Brian knew what Molly was thinking, just as he always did. Her black eyes became soft gradually. "Mol, what you're afraid of will never happen to Evelyn," he assured her. He wouldn't allow it to happen. Mark and Charlie wouldn't either, especially Charlie.

If there were even a whisper of a possibility of Evelyn being threatened, they would stifle it in the cradle. Things in the future would confirm what Brian said at this moment. Evelyn would never get hurt. She would become confused occasionally, but that would only help her growth as a woman. From the beginning to the end, thanks to the company of Charlie, Evelyn's twin brother, as well as the membership of the Long Family, Molly's concerns would never come true. On the contrary, Evelyn would grow into an iron lady, which was beyond Molly's expectations. As a result, it would be Molly who wouldn't be able to bear her daughter's temperament.

Molly would come to pity the man that was going to marry Evelyn. She would wonder if he was being punished for a wrong that he did in a previous life, so he had to atone in this lifetime, by marrying Evelyn. Of course, all of these things would happen quite sometime later. And all that would be another story.

"You..." Molly paused for a moment. "Where are you?"

Looking at the villa in front of him, Brian answered with a smile, "I'm outside the door!"

Hearing that, Molly was stunned. She

rabbit was in that suitcase.

Taking the opportunity to teach his youngest son a lesson in life, Brian said, "When you encounter a problem, first you should use your brain to analyze the situation. For example, you wanted to find the rabbit. Instead of looking for it aimlessly, you should first analyze and think logically where your mommy would most likely have put it." After taking a short pause, he glanced at Molly, who walked forward to tidy up the luggage despite her long face. Then he continued, "Evelyn's suitcase is full, and it was the first suitcase that was packed. However, Aunt Cathy didn't come to see us until Evelyn's suitcase was packed and closed. With all these clues, do you know where your mommy was most likely to place the rabbit?"

"In my suitcase...," Charlie answered seriously. "Because I would tidy up my luggage when I finish tidying up Evelyn's."

Hearing that, Brian smiled. Then he began tidying up the mess together with Molly. Meanwhile, he said, "Evelyn, you have to tidy up your own things."

Blinking, Evelyn looked at Charlie in a pitiful and adorable manner. In the end, Charlie had done all that Evelyn was supposed to do.

While the family of four were tidying up their luggage in a harmonious manner, a man with a professional camera around his neck, and a cellphone in his hand glanced at the airport behind him and dialed out a set of numbers.


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