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   Chapter 1058 Extra Story 39 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Anger

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7349

Updated: 2019-07-21 20:48

"I mean it literally!" Brian said in an ice-cold voice and glared at her with daggers in his eyes.

Upon seeing the resentment in his eyes, Cora teared up in an instant. Although she had foreseen such a result, she was overwhelmed by the reality of it and wasn't ready to accept it. Unwilling to give up, Cora had tried to convince herself that perhaps it was because she had not come for Brian in so many years. So another woman had attracted him, and if Cora had come to him sooner, the result would have been different. It was easier for her to believe that the reason why Brian had hidden from her for the past two weeks was that he was afraid that his heart would follow her once he saw her again. In which case, he might feel sorry for Molly.

Brian sighed silently. After looking around, he said, "Let's talk in the cafe of the airport."

Then he glimpsed at Cora and without waiting for her to answer, he walked towards the cafe, with one hand tucked in his trouser pocket.

Cora followed him. The two of them sat at opposite sides of a table. Each of them ordered a cup of coffee for themselves, but neither had a sip.

Silence! The damnable silence!

Cora was most afraid of Brian's silence. He had always been cold and bloodthirsty ever since she had met him from the very first day. However, at that time, Brian hadn't been so mature as he looked today. When Brian gazed at her without saying a word, she felt like she was transparent in his eyes.

Finally, it was Cora who spoke first. She could no longer stand the awkward silence. She pursed her lips and said, "Brian, I..."

"You were never my fiancee," Brian interrupted. He had prevented her from finishing her sentence. He could read her like a picture book because he knew her so well. "Never let Molly or me hear you say that again. Cora, you know that I'm not kidding, don't you?

I've never joked with anybody who's not my friend. The moment you appeared in front of Molly and my children, you became a stranger to me. The moment you assaulted Tony, you became my enemy!"

Hearing that, Cora was struck dumb. When Brian saw the expression on her face, he narrowed his eyes and gave her a spine chilling stare. Sl

ep a close watch on her. I don't want her to appear in front of Molly or me again!"

"Yes, Mr. Brian Long!" the person in charge of the branch of XK Intelligence Agency in A City answered respectfully on the phone.

Brian hung up and then hailed a taxi, leaving the airport.

While sitting in the taxi, he dialed Molly's number. The phone rang for a long time before it was finally picked up. "Have you arrived home?" he asked in a soft voice that made the taxi driver raise his eyebrows with surprise.

When Brian got into the taxi, he had given out a dense air of hostility, which was contrary to his soft voice now.

"Ahem. I'm unpacking the luggage," Molly said, while looking at the luggage scattered on the floor. Seeing that Evelyn directed Charlie to take her things out of the suitcase, she couldn't help but shake her head and sigh helplessly. "You should manage your daughter properly. She always orders Charlie to do things for her, as if her older brother was her slave."

Hearing that, Brian's face lit up with a bright smile. While turning his head to look out of the window of the taxi at the scenery outside, he said in a soft voice, "A man is born to be ordered about by a woman." He paused slightly sensing that Molly was about to continue her complaint on the phone to him and then said, "Besides, Mark and Charlie are most willing to do things for Evelyn. If you don't believe me, have a look at Charlie. I'm sure he is smiling now."

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