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   Chapter 1056 Extra Story 37 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Leaving

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With the sound of a beep, the timer in Daniel's hand stopped. Everyone who had their eyes on Brian, now turned their heads to look at Daniel...

As if everything had come to a standstill, Daniel's face was stuck in an incredulous expression as he looked at the timer in his hand.

"Vice Captain Daniel?" Seahawk swallowed and called Daniel to catch his attention. Due to the establishment of the special training team, Daniel was named the vice-captain.

Daniel looked up and flipped the timer to show everyone... Filled with anticipation, they all looked at Daniel who was walking towards them.

Everyone swarmed up and craned their necks to see the timer in Daniel's hand. When they saw the time, they shouted out of surprise, "Two minutes and seven seconds...."

There was a strange radiance in the first-class soldier's eyes, but the excitement in such radiance was ineffable.

Brian came over and watched as everyone couldn't move their eyes from the timer. He said indifferently, "Well then... 30 kilograms, 20 kilometers of trail running for all of you! Run back, and then have dinner!"

"Captain Brian!" The first-class soldier stood to attention at once.


"You said that I would have to carry 30 kilograms and run 20 kilometers if you won. But then why do the rest of us have to do it too?"

With a cold smile, Brian said slowly, "Because you are a team!"

Nobody refuted Brian's words, including that first-class soldier. Apart from admiration for Brian in his heart, he felt guilty for his comrades.

Patting his shoulder, Daniel smiled and said, "Mr. Long is right... we are a team!" He looked around at everyone, "30 kilograms, 20 kilometers... Gather together here after five minutes!"

Everyone, including Brian, went to get the equipment and after five minutes, they gathered at the running track. Brian said seriously, "It is still two hours before dinner. Do you have the confidence to finish it before dinner?"


The sound of high morale cut through the thick air that was there a few minutes ago. All of a sudden an unexpected meek voice suggested, "Since we are a team... Shouldn't Mr. Long run with us?"

"All..." Daniel took his gaze back, "3...2...1, Go!"

Brian laughed as he watched them all run out of his sight. He had heard what the soldier had said just now, but as their leader, he knew it was as important to be as lenient as it was to be hard. Striving to achieve the proper balance was the mark of a true leader. If he competed with them, it would have aroused his innate desire to win, and he would have ended up crushing their high spirits. Sometimes it was important to make sacrifices for the greater good.


Meanwhile, Edgar observed the training ground with a telescope. After seeing Brain turn and leave, he put it down slowly...

"Excuse me, sir."

"Come in."

His subordinate came in and reported, "It was two minutes and seven seconds, sir."

Edgar turned his head around in an instant and looked at him i

Brian quit smoking when she got pregnant. Her chest tightened at the thought of his considerate gesture. Ever since she came back, she realized that she could be ignorant about anything else, but not when it came to him... They worked so hard to be together now. How could she live up to his love?

"She's just a woman who loves you. You're smart enough to see that. I'm sure you can find other ways to let her go..." Molly's voice turned stern, "Don't hurt her!"

Brian squeezed Molly tighter, but he did not say anything... Lost in deep contemplation, his gaze became deep, but his eyes focused on nothing in particular. Coupled with the fact that after spending so many years in a coma, she had been carrying a deep seated resentment in her heart.

"Aren't you afraid that she's going to steal me away?" Brian's voice was lackluster.

Molly smiled and slowly opened her eyes. She looked the twins sleeping soundly on the other two seats. "If you could be taken away so easily... You wouldn't have been the man I love."

Brian smiled, seemingly impressed by her response. Like any other person, Molly had many shortcomings too, but she did possess something that all other women did not have... The ability to attract his undivided attention and undying love.

"Hello, everyone, I am the captain of this flight. We will arrive at A City International Airport within the next thirty minutes or so. I am very happy to share this journey with you. On behalf of the whole crew and Dragon Empire Group Airline, thanks for your support. We hope to see you again soon!"

Gradually, the plan began its descent. When the sound of the wheels rubbing against the ground echoed outside, the feeling of coming back home finally set in...

Brian held Evelyn in one hand and took Charlie in the other, before walking out of the cabin together with Molly... They walked out together, talking and laughing, but they didn't know that there was an unexpected person waiting for them at the exist.


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