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   Chapter 1055 Extra Story 36 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Leaving

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Updated: 2019-07-21 18:15

Gasping to catch their breaths, the members of the Falcon Commando looked at Brian with great expectations. Judging from their unconcerned facial expressions, it seemed as though they were quite confident about passing the test. This week, they were pushed beyond their limits, both in body and spirit, but upon finding no appreciation from Brian, they couldn't help but feel a little frustrated.

Glancing around them from one corner to the other, Brian straightened his back. Standing in his camouflage pants with both hands inside his pockets, he stared at them coldly and said, "You are waiting my compliments, aren't you?"

"No, sir, no!" the soldiers all answered in unison, their strong public facade masked their panic.

"No?" With a face of utter nonchalance, Brian stood there eyeing them. His tone held a hint of mockery and sarcasm when he addressed them. "Do you think you've accomplished something worthy of my compliments? Your performance was just within the standard. You are complacent enough for waiting for your superior's praise, but you aren't even pushing yourself beyond your limits..." He stopped on purpose. He watched the soldiers in the first two rows lower their heads in shame. "I want you all to make a 10-kilometer trail run carrying 20 kilograms in weight!"

Their eyes shot up in bewilderment, cast down with disappointment, while Brian continued, "By that I mean, everyone! Including Daniel!"


Danial coughed in shock, feeling like every wisp of air from his lungs had been knocked out, and he stood there struggling to inhale or exhale. It's not that he didn't want to run or that he couldn't. Daniel had done 20 kilometer runs carrying 10 kilograms in weight before. What he struggled to accept was the fact that they were all being punished, whereas they should have been, at the very least, praised for working so hard.

"Sir, I cannot accept this!"

An angry rebellious outcry interrupted everyone before Daniel could even open his mouth to speak.

The other members secretly screamed at their heart, wishing to strangle the first-class soldier for speaking out and disrespecting Brian. Quite literally, everyone, starting from the Captain up to the General had put in a lot of effort to invite Brian to train them. They were incredibly pleased when they heard that Brian had finally agreed. Just before the training, the

ward to stop him... However, the first-class soldier's mouth opened faster than he could raise his hand.

"Captain Brian! Sir!" Daniel was also quite anxious. After glaring at the soldier, he hurriedly said, "How about..."

"Okay, it's a deal!" Brian nodded, cutting Daniel short.



Brian turned and looked at Daniel and said, "You keep time!"

Daniel reluctantly nodded, "Yes, sir!"

Excitement and anticipation spread like wildfire amongst the soldiers... That day the competition between Edgar and Brain happened in evening. Brian had decomposition actions these days, but he did not complete a run. This time, for Brian to beat his own personal record, he would have to complete the task in two minutes and twenty seconds. While most would see this as an impossible feat for a human body to accomplish, they all wanted to see Brian complete the whole run.

"Ready..." Daniel held the timer in his hand, and his thumb was already on the switch. "Go!" He set off the timer, as soon as the word left his mouth...

At the same time, Brian bolted like an arrow from a bow, flashing past everyone's watchful eyes... Everyone was so shocked that they did not know how to react. Their collective jaws dropped to the floor in pure amazement. Everyone, including the first-class soldier.

Daniel had his heart in his mouth, and his gaze struggled to keep up with Brian. He held the timer tightly and his hands, sweating profusely. However, the thumb was always above the stop button, waiting to press it down as soon as Brian touches the finishing line.

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