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   Chapter 1054 Extra Story 35 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Wedding

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"Print it out for me."

"Yes, Ruler."

Eric put down the phone. The call had cut his train of thoughts. He stared blankly at the documents in his hand and then threw them aside, annoyed by the workload. Then he stood up from behind the desk and walked to the floor-to-ceiling window. There, he stood silently with a cup of tea in his hand. As he looked out the window, his mind was carried far away from the hustle of his job. The main building of the National Congress was in the shape of the letter 'Z', a grand architecture with lucrative history. Its magnificent design somehow symbolized Dragon Island's spirit—undefeated and utterly powerful. It would stand the test of time and stay erect on this earth for thousands of years to come. Through the last few centuries, the island had developed into an independent country and had gained its own sovereignty. Originally, this place was home to only a few hundred thousand people. Now, more than seventy million people lived and worked on this beautiful and prosperous land. With its growing population and increasing demands, a change in the country's foreign policies was an undeniable need. The National Congress would be responsible for the change to come. Members of the Long family were also fully aware of the fact that it was high time they exposed themselves more to the international world and formed sound diplomatic relationship with other countries.

One of those countries in particular was their top priority. Country Z shared the same ancestors as Dragon Island's. The two countries even spoke the same language and had similar cultural traditions.

As he was immersed in his thoughts, he heard a knock.

Eric titled his head and uttered, "Come in." He then slowly turned around and looked at his secretary as she politely put down a file on the desk.

"Ruler, here is the email which was sent by Mr. Brian Long. I have printed it out for your reference," she reported to him in a smooth voice. "If you don't require anything else, I will leave you to it."

Eric simply nodded as he walked towards the desk. His att

e stood proudly in the training field. He was watching the soldiers as they carried out intensive drills under the scorching sun. Next to him stood Daniel, with a timer in his hand. Sweat beads had started to form on Daniel's forehead—not because of the merciless sun, but because he was concerned about the brutal exercises his boys were going through at that moment.

Brian noticed his uneasiness and said scornfully, "As their direct supervisor, you are in full control of the team now. If you cannot control your own emotions, how could your boys trust you with their lives in the field?"

Daniel's eyebrows furrowed in distress. As soon as he saw the last one jump through the obstacle, he stopped the timer. He checked the time, then he looked up and smiled contentedly, "Brian, they have all passed."

His young face was filled with a strong sense of pride. He even reached over and showed the timer to Brian so that he could cross-check. Confidently, he raised his head and said, "Once we are in the field, their lives and mine are closely related. I am fully aware of my duties as a Commander. However, during this hellish training stage, I can't help but feel bad for the pain they are going through. I am so proud of them. From the bottom of my heart, I am truly happy for what they have achieved today."

His voice was calm, but the look in his eyes was sharp and determined.

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