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   Chapter 1053 Extra Story 34 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Wedding

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6992

Updated: 2019-07-21 00:12

Brian nodded and politely replied, "It's very generous of you to say so. Your very presence means a lot to us. I am just a family member to the newly wed, but you are the leader. Of course, you should be the one to officiate the wedding. I couldn't think of anyone else more suitable than you to do the deed."

The chief official was flattered by his words. He nodded with a contented smile, briefly shook hands with Brian and then headed to the stage, to get ready for the ceremony.

It was quite rare for the army to hold such a big-scale wedding in the base, especially in a special force camp such as this. This was quite unprecedented. The military officials had kindly approved the usage of the venue for Brian's sake. They had always been on very good terms with each other. To some extent, the wedding was another good occasion for the senior officials to socialize with Brian Long.

The wedding march notes were played by the military ceremonial guards. Members of the Falcon Commando gathered by the arch, with confetti in their hands, ready to greet the couple. The beautiful tune swayed gently in the air, as the twins walked through the arch. They each had a gorgeous floral basket on their arms. Two steps behind them were Daniel and Cathy, both in their handsome military uniforms. Gracefully, they walked down the red-carpeted aisle hand in hand.

Everyone stood up as they approached closer. The guests gazed at the couple's joyful faces. They were all greatly moved by the occasion and everybody's faces were adorned by a huge warm smile.

The ceremony went on beautifully. The newly-weds received hearty blessings from their close ones. As the senior officials were still on site, the restless young soldiers behaved themselves and didn't dare tease the couple too much. However, as soon as the officials left the venue, the playful young soldiers all started to pick on the newly-weds as part of the tradition. Edgar had hinted earlier that on such a joyful day, it was all right to exhibit some harmless pranks. So, the soldiers gathered closer to the couple and trie

t imagination, and he actually had no patience for this kind of business at all! His father used to a stubborn man, and yet he settled down and had shown all the patience in the world to be a sensible ruler. However, as his father's successor, he found all these meetings boring and tedious. He was at his wit's end as to how to deal with the endless meeting requirements. From the bottom of his heart, Eric detested his current lifestyle.

He wondered if there was any way for him to escape from the upcoming meetings. Modern technology should have been a much better help, but he was disappointed.


He was again wanted. Eric helplessly shook his head and put down his pen. He heaved a silent sigh as he pressed the bottom on the phone.

"Ruler, Mr. Brian Long has sent you an email. Shall I print it out for you or would you rather I forward it to you directly?" his secretary asked politely over the phone. She was well-trained and had a sweet voice. A certain protocol had to be followed by the Long family members while contacting the National Congress. All contacts were to be held via the secretary's office. Mails sent to the island ruler had to be filed and tested for viruses by the secretary's office first. Brian's email was no exception. The security level was top notch here on Dragon Island. Any potential cyber-attacks would be eliminated from the very beginning.

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