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   Chapter 1052 Extra Story 33 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Wedding

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"Daddy can do it! Charlie, if you keep questioning Daddy, I won't talk to you anymore!" Evelyn refused to hear any further degradation of her heroic father. She quickly covered her ears and childishly pouted her mouth at her brother.

Brian's smile widened as he softly sat down by her side. He gently put her on his lap and started to sort out the different bits of the handcraft. As he helped her patiently, he said, "You need to prove yourself through actions, not words."

Evelyn pulled a face at her daddy's words. She gave Charlie a stern look and then started helping Brian with the handcraft. She was no longer helpless. With Daddy's help, she was confident that she could make something far better than the other two.

Cathy and Charlie exchanged looks, silently suspicious about Brian's skills. He just didn't seem like a man who knew how to make detailed handcrafts. He was a man who sat at a high position and his time was devoted to more important things, such as determining people's life and fate. How on earth could he afford to spend time learning handcrafting? However, they were both wrong about him. Brian seemed to know what he was doing. He skillfully matched the parts one by one and was able to quickly put them together without any glitch. He didn't even seem to be wondering what he was doing. Both Cathy and Charlie stared at his hands and were amazed by his speed. They forgot to concentrate on their own half done work.

"Seriously?!" Cathy's eyes widened when she saw his final product. She exclaimed, "You are really good at this... How is this even possible? You are really crushing our self-esteem here!"

Brian simply gave her a profound smile to her surprised reaction. Then he casually laid the handcraft on the table. It was a perfectly glued sailboat. All the details were present. It was, by all means, a true piece of art. Evelyn got so excited that she jumped to her feet and threw her arms around his neck. "Thank you, Daddy! You are the best!" She pecked him warmly on the cheek. The warm kiss from his precious daughter melted his iron heart. In front of his baby girl, Brian was no longer tough or unapproachable.

He recalled a saying—'Your daughter may out

ated with hundreds of small pink balloons. A small stage, clustered with fresh flowers picked from the mountains behind the army base, was carefully erected at the end of the aisle for the newly weds to exchange their vows. Despite the simple decoration, the ambience was cozy and romantic. Everyone at the venue could sense the love in the air. Compared to a traditional church wedding, this army base wedding was not at all fancy. However, it was just as romantic and lively. The couple had known each other from their days in the army. Therefore, they had deliberately chosen this site to reaffirm their promise of love. The wedding was going to be unique, meaningful and irreplaceable. Daniel and Cathy's love story could be traced back to the beginning of their military days. They had begun dating here, and now, they would be starting a new life together, with all their friends and relatives as their witnesses.

Brian, Molly and other military officials sat at the front row benches. While other officials were dressed in their normal military uniforms, Brian was wearing a piece of smart black suit with a white shirt inside. Molly had a gorgeous pink jumper skirt on.

"Mr. Brian Long, thank you for the invitation. At the after-party, I shall drink as much as I please. It was really kind of you to ask me to officiate the wedding," the chief official said to Brian with a big smile. He was greatly impressed by the way Brian had approached all the issues.

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