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   Chapter 1051 Extra Story 32 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Wedding

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"I'm really lucky to have such an amazing sister like you! " Daniel gazed fondly at Molly as he wrapped his strong arms around her. He affectionately rubbed his face against her shoulder and murmured, "Molly, thank you so much for always being there for me. You have never turned your back on me and for that, I am forever grateful."

His words touched her heart. Molly curled up her lips as she gently looked at his face and whispered, "Of course I will always be there for you. I am your sister. I will never give up on you." Her smile was as splendid as the summer sun. The past was behind them now. Her heart was filled with joy. As she leaned back against his shoulder, Molly released a soft sigh, "I'm thankful to you for having faith in yourself. You have done a great job, Daniel."

Daniel responded with an even bigger smile. She was right. He finally had reasons to be happy. He had earned it himself. The past was long gone and he was no longer the same old Daniel who was addicted to drugs and was on the road to destruction. He had progressed tremendously and had made great achievements in his life till now. He had also been recently promoted to a higher rank because of his numerous meritorious deeds in the special force.

He had achieved all these thanks to Mol and Brian's help. They had supported him all along, and to some extent, had given him the chance to start his life over once again. He could never ever fail their expectations. Deep down, he knew that he owed them more than words could say. He had to work even harder to prove to them that they were not wrong about him. He needed to show them that they had made the right decision in not giving up on him. That strong motivation pushed him forward every day. Despite the ups and downs in his life, Daniel had crossed over all his hardships and overcame all the obstacles along his way.

"Daniel," Molly's eyes sparkled with joy as she giggled, "In the future, if you ever see Brian bully me, you must stand by my side and help me fight him! I am your big sister, so you have to take my side. Although Brian has helped you out so many times, you are still not allowed to side with him!"

Her childish demands cracke

e a spoiled child. She was really bad at handcrafting the toys. It was too complicated for her, while her brother was quick to learn and had already started paying attention to every detail on his toy. Evelyn started to feel left behind. Every time she tried to make the handcraft better, it turned out worse than before.

"How about I help you with it?" Before Charlie could answer, Brian stood from the sofa and approached her with a gentle smile.

"Daddy! Thank you!" Evelyn gave her dad a splendid smile and raised her chin up proudly to Charlie, "With Daddy's help, my handcraft will be the most beautiful of the three. You guys will definitely lose!"

"Well, that's hard to tell, young lady," Cathy winked at her and teased, "Your daddy might be good at many things, but I doubt that handcrafting is one of them."

"No way! My daddy is the most amazing daddy in the world. He is my superman and he can do anything!" Evelyn declared with pride. Every child felt the same about their fathers and Evelyn was no exception. In her heart, her daddy was Superman—reliable and strong, capable of anything and everything. Nothing could ever defeat him.

Charlie gave Evelyn an uncertain look and questioned, "Evelyn, do you really think that Daddy is good at handcrafting?" He tilted his head and stared at the bibs and bobs all over the table. It was quite overwhelming. Somehow, he agreed with his aunt that handcrafting might be too intimidating for Brian.

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