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   Chapter 1049 Extra Story 30 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Being Pampered

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God of Gamblers was still smirking. He folded all the cards and spread them with one hand. Instantaneously the cards became a neat fan. He raised the fan of cards with the back facing Cora and then said, "I'll answer your question if you can pick the ace of spades from these cards."

Cora glanced at the cards briefly and pulled one out. It was none other than the ace of spades!

God of Gamblers was satisfied with the result. Even though she didn't pay attention to the cards in his hands, she could still see through the trick he played.

"You should make full use of your talent in the gambling house rather than the battlefield!" he said in a stern tone. Then he raised his head and let out a laugh. On his way to the door, he said, "Cora, think it through carefully. I'm going to Dragon Island tomorrow. You'd better be going with me, otherwise..." He stopped walking and turned back to look at Cora, who was staring at him. Then he added with bitterness, "Then I'll never get involved in the business between you and Brian. Even if he hurts you, I won't help you anymore. Do you understand?"

He left the room when he finished what he said. Looking at his retreating figure, Cora clenched her teeth out of anger. She was too proud to go on pestering Brian, mainly since Brian chose to stay away from her to avoid her. Besides, she hadn't reconciled with him yet. If she weren't in a coma for so many years, maybe now everything would be different.

People in pain always had a longer night than those in joy. However, time is the only unbiased thing for everyone. No matter if one is rich or poor, happy, or unhappy, it's the same for everyone.

The dawn twilight broke the night scattering a dim light all about, and the exercise trumpet sounded. Soon it grew louder as the golden orb reached the

smanship was extraordinary.

The sky slowly brightened up with the sunrise, and many soldiers had already returned after a five-kilometer walk with fully laden rucksacks on their backs. The trumpet sounded once again urging the troops to line up and head to the dining hall for breakfast.

Because Brian and his family were here, the leader asked the cook of the dining hall to make the food more to Evelyn's taste, hoping to get on Brian's good graces by being more attentive to Brian's children.

Therefore, the soldiers also got a chance to eat more food after training for a whole day. The dining menu was changed entirely, and the soldiers were so happy to eat the delicious food, which was not their usual staple.

Stepping into the dining hall, Daniel found that Edgar wasn't there and then he remembered that Edgar had gone to a meeting. Daniel was happy about that. He asked Red Falcon to have breakfast at another table with the troops, while he went to the table where Brian's family were seated.

"Good morning, sister, and Brian."

"Good morning, Uncle Daniel,"

The twins chimed in together after he had greeted their parents. The next moment, Evelyn threw herself into his arms.

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