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   Chapter 1048 Extra Story 29 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Being Pampered

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7536

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Leaning against the chair with arms folded upon his chest, Brian said in a slow tone, "I predicate, a joint rehearsal would be coming soon!"

After finishing his bath, Charlie came out of the bathroom, with dripping wet hair. Molly held a towel ready to dry him off, but Charlie nimbly avoided her and threw himself into Brian's arms instead. Charlie was a good and modest boy who never competed against his sister for his parents' love and affection. When Evelyn was awake, he seldom behaved in a spoiled manner. However, he was just a kid after all, so when Evelyn wasn't around, he would try to get some affection from his parents. Molly raised her hands in the air out of frustration.

Because of Charlie, the topic of conversation between Brian and Molly had been interrupted. Brian looked down at his dripping wet son. Even though Charlie had wet his expensive suit, Brian didn't mind. Instead, he reached for the towel from Molly, and with a smile, he began to dry his son's hair.

"Dad!" Charlie called out with a dissatisfied tone because Brian's action was not as gentle as Molly's. "Ouch, you're so rough! How can Evelyn tolerate you?" he complained.

Brian stopped rubbing his hair and narrowed his eyes at him. It seemed that the little boy standing before him was his enemy rather than his son.

Molly's eyes gleamed, and she had a pleased look on her face when she saw how Brian reacted to Charlie's comment. "See, our son chose to go to you only to save Evelyn from your rough treatment. That was the real reason why he went and not because he prefers you over me." Brian read her underlying meaning from her expression and watched as Molly went into the bathroom to tidy herself up.

When she left, Charlie looked up at his dad and said glumly, "Dad, if you want to flatter your wife next time, don't involve me please." Then his little face made an expression of disappointment.

Brian couldn't help but let out a chuckle. "Now, tell me about your homework," he asked, changing the subject. He put the towel aside and removed the damp bathrobe from Charlie. Then Brian wiped his little body down and helped him put his pajama's on. "What do you think Daniel and Edgar's real intentions are?"

"Uncle Daniel wants to improve the

loving eyes, so she smirked and said, "Dad and Mom are the best parents in the world. No matter how much power they have, they always put their children first and love them with all of their hearts. We will be just the same as them. We won't change the love for our children even though our stature has changed. Because loving one's children unconditionally is the natural thing for parents to do."

Brian looked at her with sparkling eyes, which expressed his desire for her. "When did you become so thoughtful and reasonable? Your words have convinced me," he said with a grin. Then he kissed her forehead and said in a husky voice, "I'm so lucky to have you."

Meanwhile, in A City, Cora was standing on the balcony of a hotel, with a glass of wine in her hand.

She looked out at the bustling night scene with a grim face.

"Sometimes we have to let something go," her father, God of Gamblers, said abruptly. He was playing a deck of cards in his hands expertly. Then he said with a smile while cutting the cards quickly with a finger, "The reason why Richie and I allowed you to come here is to help you understand that Brian didn't do anything to you and he won't do anything to you in the future either."

Cora unconsciously squeezed the glass tighter in her hand and then relaxed. After sipping the wine, she tilted her head and said to God of Gamblers, "Dad, do you still remember for what purpose I went to the XK Intelligence Agency? And for what I worked so hard all these years?"

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