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   Chapter 1047 Extra Story 28 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol The Result

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They looked at each other for a second, and then dissolved into helpless laughter...

One of them patted Edgar on the shoulder and supportively said, "Your failure was worth watching!"

Edgar nodded his head at his joke and laughed along with the rest of them. Deep down, Edgar attributed his defeat to the lack of modern training methods as the classic primary methods were only effective for basic development. But now he had seen the results of newer training techniques and he had picked up some new moves from his fight with Brian. He tried to memorize as many new moves as he could during the fight, but unfortunately that was his only chance because Brian would never agree to train him. As the best intelligence organization, XK Intelligence Agency trained some of the most talented mercenaries on the planet. Edgar and his team would benefit greatly from them if only he could have the opportunity to communicate with Brian.

In the following days, Daniel kept himself busy with two things: training and incessantly trying to convince Brian to train his team... Edgar also recognized trying to persuade Brian to help them was his main objective. As for this wedding, he figured he would leave it to the other orderlies of the senior military officers to handle it for him.

The question was that this mission was too difficult to accomplish even though Cathy gave him a hand at last.

"Captain… I am having trouble finishing this mission." Daniel had never given up on anything easily, ever since he had gained his confidence again. But this time he backed out just after three days. However, he felt as though it weren't entirely his fault. After all, he knew what kind of person Brian was. If he were able to convince Brian, he wouldn't be him, he would be Molly.

Unfortunately for him, even his sister didn't want to s

on't you just deny them directly?" Molly asked, wondering why Brian was getting so worked up over the matter.

Brian replied with a smile and said, "The cooperation between this place and Dragon Island is crucial for the development of both parties."

That was all Brian had the liberty to tell her. She would be a fool not to understand the underlying meaning in his words.

The military did not have enough funding to improve its training regimen. In fact, due to the lack of proper funding militaries from different regions would cooperate with each other to stage training exercises so they could help each other to improve from their shortcomings before they had to face the real enemies. However, since military groups in the same country followed the same training strategies, they hadn't been able to develop their skills any further. As a result, driven by desperation, the best way to solve this problem was to stage military exercises with other countries. Such was the case for this place, as well as Dragon Island.

"If I'm right, I think a new military training exercise will be jointly held by this place and Dragon Island soon after,"

Brian said, tapping his fingers together as if deep in thought.

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