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   Chapter 1046 Extra Story 27 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol The Result

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6337

Updated: 2019-07-20 00:12

One Gefreiter curiously asked, "Why didn't Brian shoot the heart?"

"Because even though the heart, being part of a bigger mass, is an easier target to hit, with a well-placed head shot, one can easily put down their targets with more certainty!" Red Falcon explained, looking at the target boards observantly. "Shooting a target between the eyebrows is deadly but it is also the most difficult to do properly." There was still something else he didn't mention to his comrades. He noticed Brian's technique at the time and realized it then that Brian could have finished the challenge in under three minutes and twenty-eight seconds if he wanted to. Instead he decided to save Edgar's face.

The audience were on the edge of their seats, rubbing their hands with excitement.

It seemed as though they wanted to have a go at the challenge to see if they could do it. However, wishful thinking aside, they all knew their own abilities well.

Finally, it was time for the third round. The crowd were going wild at the sidelines, cheering and hooting.

"Ready? Go!" Red Falcon announced the commencement of the third round.

In that frozen second between stand off and fighting the people's eyes flicked from Edgar to Brian. Their faces were unreadable, no fear, no invitational smirk. The audience could feel the intensity and tension in the air.

"This represents Dragon Island's combat effectiveness," The military officer of the highest rank remarked. "I think we should discuss more with the politicians and plan for more joint exercises."

"Yes, I agree." The person next to him responded, "Last time when we staged a live-fire exercise, we lost to them because of our arrogance and ego. We underestimated their abilities because we outnumbered them."

The military officer laughed and said, "We both have lost and won. Don't take it to heart. We can only hope to put up a better f

to the hostel. As they reached the exit, Brian turned to Daniel, "Don't you ever try to pull something like that on me again. Next time, I won't be so kind to you, even though you are Mol's brother."

"No, no, no. Believe me, I had nothing to do with any of that..." Daniel chuckled nervously at Brian's reaction. 'I don't care about you. My main objective was my sister.

Once I take my sister down, do you think I'll have to worry about Brian Long? No!'

Meanwhile, pandemonium erupted at the training grounds, as the people went berserk despite the fact that there were still some important senior military officers still present at the site. This drove Edgar blind with fury, as their inappropriate and shameful behavior reflected badly on Edgar.

Fortunately, as the senior military officers were all in a good mood, none of them felt bothered by it. They just ordered the Captains of each team to take their respective soldiers back for rest. Later as they saw Edgar, they all greeted him with smiles. "How are you feeling?"

Edgar hung his head in disappointment and stood before them with the deep humility of a chidden child. "I have failed you. I've made you look bad in front of so many people. All I want to know is... How are you feeling?"

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