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   Chapter 1045 Extra Story 26 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol The Result

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His words brought smile to Edgar's face.

Edgar smiled at Brian and gave a small laugh as if it was a joke. Even after all these years, he still remembered the kindergarten incident. However, maintaining focus was key to the mission as they had come to rescue Molly and Mark. Brian acted almost perfectly and maintained a calm disposition, even though the people inside were his wife and son.

His proficiency and remarkable aptitude was the reason why he was capable of running the Grand Night Casino as well as managing the talented people who worked for him all on his own. He was trained and molded by the best to keep his nerves calm under high-stress situations. Without his level of training, no man on earth could pull off the incredible feats he could.

"Great!" Edgar scoffed, "I guess I'll have to take the lead since you're being so modest."

Red Goshawk, was close enough to overhear every word they exchanged between themselves. To him their conversation seemed casual, even though he could see the intensity both men carried in their eyes. The expression on their faces seemed competitive, however, it was friendlier than what it would have been had this been a real battlefield.

The members of the Falcon Commando hefted over some weaponry to Edgar. The munitions included a military tactical knife, a ten-shot .84 miniature pistol and a domestic-type .85 rifle. The guns were loaded with ammunition and ready to go. The competition rules were as stipulated: The contestants must fire all rounds from both guns and use the tactical knife to incapacitate the robber. The time limit for the mission was three minutes and thirty seconds. Neither contestants were supposed to know where or when the target boards would show up. It was a challenge designed to push the contestants beyond their limits.

At first, everybody thought that the rules were too difficult, but when they came to realize that the contestants were not ordinary human beings, they all became excited and engrossed in the competition.

Suffice it to say, Daniel was utterly exhilarated by the nature of the competition. He knew that his brother-in-law was one of the best in the business, but going up against one of the most indefectible legends in the army was not going to be a walk in the park or Brian. Both men w

xactly is this guy? He is amazing!"

Edgar looked at Seahawk's awe-struck face, glancing around at the fallen target boards and lowered his voice, "You want to know something funny? As a matter of fact, I lost on both rounds!"

"Huh? What do you mean, you lost on both round?" With his face stuck in an incredulous expression, Seahawk stammered, "The first match ended in a tie. And this one..." Confused, he scratched his head, "I don't understand what you're trying to say."

"At the first round, putting aside the time limit, when we arrived at the terminal, I was out of breath, but he was fine." Edgar nodded his head, partially convinced, and said, "And this time? You will see what I meant when you compare both of our target boards at the time of cleaning." Edgar left him to drown in confusion while he walked away to prepare for the next challenge.

Seahawk, however, couldn't move on unless he figured out what Edgar was saying so he checked and compared all the target boards. And that was when Edgar's words hit him. Edgar was two seconds faster than Brian, but all the bullet holes on his target boards were in different positions. That meant that in a real-life situation, most of his gunshots would only temporarily incapacitate his targets, instead of killing them.

While every bullet hole on Brian's target board was between the eyebrows. Considering the factors of precision within the specified time, all his targets would have been dead in a real-life situation. This drew astonished gasps from the audience.

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