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   Chapter 1044 Extra Story 25 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol The Competition

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Molly was more casual in front of Daniel, so she took Evelyn and Charlie to sit beside Daniel. Those senior military officers of the military region had no objection to her behavior.

"Do you invite everyone in the entire military region to come here?" Looking at this, Brian felt a little helpless because he hadn't anticipated having such a huge audience.

Edgar was in the same mood as Brian. Besides, this situation was also caused by Edgar's desire to compete with Brian, but what Edgar didn't expect that there were thousands of people coming to see it. 'It would be better if I won. If I lost... It would be so embarrassing, ' Edgar thought.

"When the competition begins, show your true abilities. Don't go easy on me," Edgar advised Brian. Looking around, he continued,"Although this is my territory and if God willing I will lose the game in disgrace, I want to see if Mr. Brian Long is a convincing person."

Brian's handsome profile seemed as if it was carefully sculpted by a master, looking especially dazzling under the searchlight. With deep eyes and thin lips, he responded,"I will take this competition seriously. To do so is to respect you. It's also for Mol."

Hearing this, Edgar smiled.

"This competition is divided into three stages. The first one is to cross obstacles with heavy loads, which should not exceed two minutes and forty seconds." Daniel announced the rules of the competition. As soon as his words came out, there was an uproar on the scene. "The second one is single combat, clearing all obstacles with long and short guns and daggers, which should not exceed three and a half minutes." Spectators let out another exclamation. After Daniel looked around, his last glance fell on Brian and Edgar before saying,"The last one is free combat!"

After the announcement, Brian and Edgar had reached the starting point of the obstacle training course. Soldiers equipped the two with the loads they needed to bear. At that moment, the crowd was whispering about the competition rules announced by Daniel.

"Mr. Daniel," asked a private first class with two thin lines on his epaulet,"can the cross-country with heavy loads stage be completed within two minutes and forty seconds?" With an incredulous look on his face, he continued,"The last time Mr. Edgar did it was in three minutes. That's already a miracle. In addition, single combat does not exceed three minutes and thirty seconds. Oh, my god. The rules are too harsh."

Daniel shrugged with a smile before saying,"This rule is stipulated by Mr. Edg

ocked at Brian's performance and said,"Molly, Brian is practicing every day, right?"

Glancing at Daniel, Molly said indifferently,"If Bri practiced every day, Edgar would have lost miserably!" 'However, don't blame this result on Bri. After all, being trained in the XK Intelligence Agency like hell, it's no wonder that he has excellent military capabilities. Besides, Bri has passed through Hell Forest many times. Such experiences are a myth, ' Molly thought feeling proud of his husband.

Next came the single combat. After just being amazed, everyone no longer looked down on Brian, and even many people were looking forward to his performance. All were secretly speculating about his identity.

Confident with her husband's skills, Molly wasn't worried about this round of competition at all. She was worried about the next free combat. She sighed quietly and looked at the two children beside her. Charlie focused at the competition casually, but Evelyn looked at it with great interest. Her bright eyes weren't blinking at all during the entire duration of the competition.

"Who comes first in the second competition?" Looking at Brian, Edgar asked.

Brian glanced at the field for individual combat before saying casually,"You."

Disappointed, Edgar frowned slightly. He hoped Brian would come first because only in this way could he know what Brian had deliberately done in the last competition. However, it was impossible to take risks to calculate the time under such circumstances. Coincidently, Brian's result was the same as that of Edgar's.

Seeing Edgar's frown, Brian just said lightly,"Without the pressure from you, I'm afraid I will lose this competition badly!"

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