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   Chapter 1043 Extra Story 24 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol The Competition

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Cathy and Daniel were always in contact with each other, whether in public or in private. Upon seeing his facial expression, Cathy was sure to know what he was thinking. 'Daniel usually has a bright mind. Why does he have to get Edgar's consent? In fact, he can ask Brian for help. He is such a stupid one, ' she thought. Looking at his smiling face, Cathy couldn't help but smirk at Daniel's mirth.

Everyone was thinking about their own business while having dinner. The two orderlies who were providing service were not very clear about Brian's identity, but they only knew that he was Captain Xia's brother-in-law. More importantly, they also learned that Edgar was going to compete with Brian at 9 o'clock this evening. Naturally, they were curious about the competition. After all, they were very familiar with General Gu's abilities.

Without much to say, everyone finished their meal with a stomach full of sumptuous meal and spirits filled with joy after sharing such a feast. Glancing at the old wooden clock, they found that it was only seven o'clock, and there were still two hours to go before the appointed time. So Edgar and Brian rested and prepared for their brawl.

"Molly, Brian, I have something to say to Mr. Edgar, and then I will see you back in the hotel," Daniel whispered to the couple. Glancing at Edgar's direction, Daniel walked towards him and talked to them in a hurry. After finishing their conversation, Daniel turned to follow Edgar away.

"Daniel, you fool!" Cathy glared at Daniel, who was in a hurry to leave. She whispered angrily,"There is no need for Daniel to ask Brian for approval. Crucially, Edgar would not readily grant his request."

Glancing at Cathy, Brian said indifferently,"Daniel also knows that he can get what he wants by doing as you say. The reason why he didn't do it is that he knows very well that he is Edgar's solider. Just now he has asked me for help with your mother's coming to the army. If he comes to me again this time, it is either, first, he has broken the army's rules and regulations, and secondly..." Looking at Molly who wore an angry look on her face, Brian smiled and continued,"He didn't know what Edgar was thinking about this matter. Thus to avoid unnecessary suspicion and discontent between them in the future, Daniel will naturally go to Edgar himself

the Falcon Commando heard that Edgar was going to compete with Brian that night, they were eager to watch the competition. As a result, they planned to let Daniel ask Mr. Brian for approval. However, before they could go out, Daniel came in a hurry and spilled the good news to the team.

"Everyone be ready to watch the competition between Edgar and my brother-in-law Brian."

"Mr. Daniel, really?" Red Falcon couldn't believe that what he heard was true.

Raising his eyebrows, Daniel asked,"Nonsense, does it look like I'm kidding?"

Hearing this, everyone immediately jumped up with excitement.

At 8:30 p.m., everyone was so excited and competitive atmosphere could be felt around the training ground.

The members of the Falcon Commando had been sitting cross-legged outside the training ground, waiting for the competition in half an hour. The event was meant to meet Edgar's desire of competing with Brian, but it was unexpected that almost all senior military officers of the military region had heard the news and wanted to watch the competition. In the end, because of the senior military officer's commands, all Special Forces in the military region where Edgar stayed came to watch the competition, crowding the training ground.

Excited for the match, Edgar was standing in the corner in his earth-colored special force training suit, and before long, the Long family came too. Brian had changed into a grass-green special force training suit. It was not until then that everyone had a chance to see his strong and masculine built.

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