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   Chapter 1042 Extra Story 23 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol The Competition

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Totally embarrassed by what had happened, Edgar's face grew pale and sweaty. With his deep, dark and keen eyes, Brian guessed roughly what Edgar was thinking. After all, it was his talent-reading people's minds. Thinking how to handle the matter, Brian remained calm and composed while saying indifferently,"It's just a cook. I don't think General Gu will be so stingy about this matter, don't you?"

Upon hearing his question, Edgar's mouth began to twitch, but his teeth were secretly gritted. Right at the very moment, he was struggling to hold back his urge to have a good fight with Brian. His hands that were holding a pair of chopsticks were clenched in a tight fist, almost breaking the chopsticks in halves. 'This man was lucky last time that I spared him because of Molly. I came into few contacts with him. However, when it comes to physical fights, there is no real competition between us. In the past, what I had for him was only hate for stealing the heart of the one I loved, but now, I will suffer from the pain of losing my cook. Hmmm, that's too much already. Brian, you must be dreaming!' Edgar thought.

Smiling and fixing his eyes at Brian, Edgar stopped himself from feeling angry, calmed himself down and laid the chopsticks on his plate before saying,"Mr. Brian, you are kidding. It's just a cook. The cook, himself is not worth your attention. Besides, the catering team of the Dragon Empire Group recruits nearly all the chefs with great cooking skills around the city and even internationally. Maybe there is no need for you to hire this cook. One cook would not make any difference, after all, right?"

"But, Uncle Edgar, look at Evelyn," Charlie said at this moment, looking at Edgar with a serious look on his face,"It seems that Evelyn enjoys this meal prepared by the cook. Uncle Edgar will be happy to let Dad take the cook back home."

Hearing what Charlie had said and looking at the child's begging eyes, Edgar couldn't help but be moved by the child's behavior. At Charlie's young age, he was so selfless to think about his twin sister and beg in her behalf.

Edgar was extremely shocked and puzzled at the same time. 'Molly and Brian have done a great job in raising their kids up, ' he thought silently. Thinking silently, an old cliche came into his mind. Indeed it was like fath

rder and rolled up her eyes on him. She didn't want to see them compete, least seeing her husband being beaten up or her husband beating others up, which would be too violent for her. 'Bri is the leader of the XK Intelligence Agency. Besides, I also witnessed the intensity of training there. If it happened in the past, I wouldn't object to it. But after five Golden Flower training, I'm confident that because of the painful pieces of training she had grown more persistent.

As for Edgar, he is the best in the courtyard when he was young, and then he goes through so much in the field. The army training is also cruel. It is absolutely a feather in the cap for him to achieve his position. Such two people are to compete...' Molly wondered and couldn't finish her thoughts as she imagined what was about to happen.

The more she thought about it, the less she wanted them to compete. Stressed and worried, her brows were twisted together and lost her appetite when they were halfway through their meal.

Unlike Molly, Daniel's eyes lit up when he heard that Brian would compete against Edgar. In his mind, he anticipated the fight and his eyes grew bright as he felt excited at the upcoming event. During the meal, Daniel wanted to express his desire to watch both of them compete several times, but when he wanted to say something, he was feared by Edgar's sharp eyes. Daniel failed to achieve his goal, so he grew more and more anxious. This time, however, realizing that what he wished for would eventually happen, Daniel was thrilled.

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