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   Chapter 1041 Extra Story 22 Of Sweetness Between Bri and Mol Legally Married

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As much as he wanted to tell the story, on second thoughts, Daniel decided to cut whatever he wanted to say. Seeing that Brian seemed to understand the situation though he hadn't fully revealed what it was, he scratched his head.

"You asshole..." Edgar said, not knowing whether he should laugh or cry. "You're afraid of the normal tedious procedures, so you're expecting your brother-in-law to simplify the process for you. Right?"

Since it was a special place, ordinary people were not allowed to enter. However, Daniel and Cathy hoped that their wedding would take place here for their own reasons. In such a case, even Cathy's mother had to apply to enter the place, just as the rules required, if she were to attend her daughter's wedding. The process was not only troublesome but also an absolutely tedious one.

Daniel had not submitted the application until then. Edgar had guessed that he was looking forward to solve the problem with the help of Brian. If Brian agreed to guarantee for Cathy's mother, all the procedures could be bypassed.

With a faint smile, Brian said, "Cathy is almost my younger sister. I'm happy to see the two of you be together and get married, and I believe everybody else should be happy too. Of course, her mother should attend your wedding."

In between these words was the confirmation that he had agreed to give them a hand. As soon as he heard Brian's words, Daniel couldn't help but beam.

At first, he thought of going through the normal procedures, but after learning all the process they had to go through, he began wanting his brother-in-law to intervene and help them with the matter. That morning, Edgar had told him that he had to submit their application for marriage in a couple of days, because their superior leader for examining and approving related matters would go abroad to investigate a case and that would take a long period of time. If he failed to submit the application before the leader left, they would have to wait for another year. Therefore, he had no choice but to ask his brother-in-law to solve the problem concerning Cathy's mother for him.

Since it was not easy for his elder sister and brother-in-law to take a trip there, he didn't want them to leave immediately after sighing their names on the needed documents. That afternoon, the wedding between Daniel and Cathy had been discussed. They wanted to hold their wedding right away, as Molly and Brian were still here. As for Cathy's mother, she would not have any problem in coming here as long as Brian gave them a hand.

They chatted casually, talking and laughing. Gradua

m the leaders of the country. Although it might be too optimistic for him to achieve his aim by one meal, he wanted to give it a try.

Of course, Edgar didn't blurt this out and only had it in his mind. He would not really depend on food. After all, the Long Family held such a powerful position. Evelyn could get whatever she wanted to eat. For example, if Evelyn liked the food here, Edgar believed that Brian would be sure to take the cook away with them for his daughter. If that happened, Edgar would not win anything but lose something. That would be a shame on him.

"Yummy..." Evelyn said while stuffing her mouth and nodding every now and again. Then she looked at Brian with her eyes filled with expectation. "Dad, how about taking the cook home with us?" she asked.

Hearing that, Edgar nearly choked. In astonishment, he looked at Evelyn and then at Brian. Without waiting for Brian's answer, he swallowed the food in a hurry and said, "Mr. Brian Long, you shouldn't do such a thing. That would be just like pulling the rug from under my feet. Right?"

Edgar would not allow that to happen. He had made tremendous efforts to get the cook by fighting against the reconnaissance company. How could he let him go so easily? The idea of Brian taking the cook away was only an idea in his mind, he hadn't really expected that Evelyn would really make such a comment. He would not let the cook go.

Brian looked at Edgar with his deep-set eyes. Seeing the frustrated look on his face, Brian roughly knew what he was thinking about. He had been dealing with all kinds of people for so many years. If he had not been able to read people's such mind, he would not have managed such a large organization as XK Intelligence Agency.

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