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   Chapter 1040 Extra Story 21 Of Sweetness Between Bri and Mol Legally Married

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7615

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To make it worse, Charlie hurt her more by saying, "Mom, you'd better admit that, because Dad says the truth. Uncle Daniel referred to the marriage certificate. He means that he is going to get married, but you haven't figured it out by now. Alas, I wonder if Evelyn inherited your IQ. That would be bad!" While saying that, he even shook his head regretfully and looked at Evelyn with sorrowful eyes, as if he felt very sorry for his sister. He thought that the reason why Evelyn seemed to be very different from the rest of the Long Family was because she inherited their mother's stupidity. Truly, for him, her sister was pitiful.

"Great..." Molly said, pulling a long face and rolling her eyes. "Charlie Long, you're doomed as well!"

Finding that his mother was really angry, Charlie pouted, flashed his puppy eyes, and gently took her hand. In a sweet, innocent voice, he said, "All right, mom, Charlie is wrong... Can you forgive me, please?"

Hearing that, Molly didn't know whether she should laugh or cry. Rolling her eyes, she wondered where Charlie inherited such tricks. Brian was a cold-blooded and cruel man, while she was plain and was without any outstanding feature. However, Charlie was like neither of them. He was just like a devil, and he always had the ability to get someone do his own bidding.

On their way from the training ground to the guest house, laughter and scolding came burst out now and then. However, everything was affectionately done--between lovers, between family. The sounds of chatters filled the space they were in, and everyone who was in the space felt relaxed. They could not ask for anything more at that moment.

"Excuse me, sir!"

"Come in!" Daniel answered promptly and authoritatively. After doing so, he quickly raised his eyes to look at Brian, who was beside him. He chuckled out of embarrassment. The reaction was due to the fact that while he was inferior to his brother-in-law, here, he was a military officer and was superior to many people.

As a member of the Long Family, although he was not necessarily in Dragon Island, Brian's influence in the whole world couldn't be written off. Otherwise, it would have been unnecessary for him to take this trip before Daniel and Cathy could apply for their marriage

been older. Although in the end he could do nothing but give up fighting for her, he still hoped she would live a happy life.

"That is exactly how children grow. They change every day..." Molly said. Looking at Edgar seriously, she shifted the topic of conversation, "Brother Edgar, you're old enough to start a family. Now even Daniel is going to get married. When do you plan to settle your private problem?"

"His private problem has become a key performance index for his annual review," Daniel butted in. "The chief of the military region said that if he doesn't solve the problem, he will be transferred to a government office."

Edgar had been born to be a warrior on the battlefield. It was not suitable for him to hold a civilian post as he had done as a major before. However, according to Daniel, it seemed that his superior leader cared about his personal happiness very much and was determined to make him married as soon as possible. With these thoughts in her mind, Molly could not help but chuckle.

"How could you say that to your sister?!" Edgar said to Daniel.

"Well..." Daniel smiled. Then looking at Brian, he said, "My brother-in-law, Cathy is too busy working and cannot take time off, so we plan to hold our wedding ceremony on the training grounds." Quickly, he took a look at Edgar and then looked back at Brian, his eyes knowing. "Well, it is easy for Cathy's younger sister to come here, since she has worked in the basic level unit during her internship. However, her mother..."

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