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   Chapter 1039 Extra Story 20 Of Sweetness Between Bri and Mol Legally Married

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7460

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"Molly, Brian..." Daniel greeted the couple flatly as he was shocked by their sudden appearance. Just that morning, he had made the call to Molly and now they were already there in front of him. Still stunned, he wondered whether he was hallucinating or whether there was something wrong with his eyes. With such thoughts in his mind, he mindlessly rubbed his eyes with his hand, thinking it would help his situation. When he opened his eyes again, however, Molly and Brian were still there, now walking towards him together with the lovely twins. It felt so unreal, and he felt a smile gradually appear on his face.

While Daniel hadn't been showing any kind of emotion, the members of the commando beside him had been grinning from ear to ear, even whispered amongst each other. They knew that soon, they could relax for a while since Daniel would have to accompany his relatives.

"Daniel!" Molly exclaimed, beaming. Looking at her younger brother, whose skin had turned darker, she felt that she had thousands of things to tell him, but at that moment, she didn't know where, or how to start. Slowly, she walked towards Daniel and when she came upon him, she held out her arms. Daniel did the same and in a second, they were in each other's arms, tearful. "You seem to have grown sturdier, brother," Molly said, tears filling her eyes.

"Of course..." Daniel said, a simple smile gracing his lips. He no longer looked strict as he had been a moment ago as the captain of the commando. His tone also said that he now sounded like a child who was expecting to be praised by his elders.

Raising their heads, Charlie and Evelyn looked up at Daniel with their eyes sparkling and filled with admiration. Anxious and shy, the twins clenched their hands before they greeted Daniel in the same innocent voice, "Uncle Daniel... "

As soon as he heard that, Daniel squatted and looked at the cute twins. In one swift motion, he picked up each twin and carried them in each of his arms. With a smile, he said, "You two are growing up so fast! Look at you Charlie! You're a little man now!" Before he finished what he was trying to say, Evelyn pulled his collar to the other side. Daniel turned his head to look at his niece. With an in

fusion on their way back to the guest house. Actually, she had thought that she could figure out the reason before she had arrived, but she had failed. Now she had no choice but asked Daniel straightforwardly.

Daniel was playing some game with his hand while carrying Evelyn with his other arm. After taking a look at Brian, he answered Molly, "Well... I'm going to apply for the certificate. However, because of the special identity of my brother-in-law, my boss required that you come here in person. You have to sign your names."

"Apply for the certificate? What certificate?" Molly asked in confusion. It seemed that her mind had entered a dead end and she could not think of which certificate Daniel was talking about.

Hearing that, Daniel stopped walking abruptly. Stunned, he looked at Molly. Seeing that she still seemed to have no idea, he could not help but look at Brian. Hesitantly, he asked, "My brother-in-law, you... Has my elder sister become stupid as a result of your pampering? It's as if she hasn't used her head since being with you. She doesn't have to think about anything?"

Molly's expression darkened in an instant.

She was speechless. Before she was able to say a word, Brian said slowly, "Hmm, you have to forgive her. The IQ she gained has gone away, and she has returned the previous her..."

"Brian Long!" Molly shouted, gritting her teeth. Meanwhile, Evelyn chuckled. She had no idea what was happening but she found everything to be funny.

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