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   Chapter 1038 Extra Story 19 Of Sweetness Between Bri and Mol Evasion

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It was too early for supper. Brian had made the decision to come here too suddenly. He had only told Edgar about their arrival, while Daniel and Cathy had no idea that they were coming.

"Mr. and Mrs. Long, our Chief said that you have freedom of action. If you are not tired, you may walk around the camp," Edgar's secretary said in an embarrassed tone.

Brian nodded and said, "Thank you."

"You're welcome," the secretary said with a warm smile on his face. "Then, I will take my leave now. I don't want to disturb you any longer. Please enjoy yourselves." He stood at attention and gave them a grand salute.

The family rested for a while. Charlie and Evelyn said that they wanted to go see their uncle. Considering that there was sufficient time, Brian and Molly took the twins out for a walk. They asked a soldier who was on guard about Daniel's whereabouts. They walked to the training ground to look for him after getting directions from the soldier.

"I haven't seen him in quite a long time. It has been half a year since I last received his photos," Molly said emotionally. Glancing quietly at the soldiers coming and going along their way, she sighed. "Everything that happened in the past seems like a dream now."

Daniel had once been addicted to a dangerous drug called "Dream" because of altercations with some people in their lives. As a result of that, the relationship between Molly and Brian had nearly come to an end. But no matter what had happened and how much they had all suffered, Molly was grateful for everything because all that had brought them here to this beautiful present.

"Weight steeplechase. Complete the round in four minutes. If any of you feel that you are not fit for this challenge, come forward right now!"

a sharp, deep voice bellowed all of a sudden.

Brian and Molly stopped in their tracks. Charlie and Evelyn looked at their parents and then at the direction of that voice. They saw a man standing in front of t

e top commando team in the whole country, she could no longer remember the Daniel who had been an addict.

A faint smile played at one corner of Brian's thin lips. Slowly, he said, "People do things in accordance to the place they are in... They will somehow get back what they had once missed in their life."

"Hmm?" Molly looked at Brian with a confused expression as she didn't understand what he meant by that.

Brian answered with a smile. He said, "They have finished the steeplechase. Let's go see whom Daniel will be paying for today. Maybe I will ask him to buy me some snacks too." He strode forward with Evelyn's hand in his, followed by Charlie.

Molly didn't move from her spot. Standing there, she gazed at Brian's back. A smile gradually spread from the corners of her mouth. 'It's such a wonderful thing for me to have met you in this life. It would be better for me to not know some things, but I always know that you do everything for my good. So, why do I have to go look for trouble?' she thought.

Pursing her lips, Molly strode forward too. They were still walking towards him when he suddenly saw them. Daniel looked at them in complete surprise. Gradually, he grinned from ear to ear, forgetting that his men were waiting for him to announce the result of that private first class.

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