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   Chapter 1037 Extra Story 18 Of Sweetness Between Bri and Mol Evasion

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On the other hand, the starving wolves grew restless and poised for an attack. Brian observed the situation carefully. He planned in his mind—once the wolves launched the attack, he would explode the grenades he was carrying. However, since nobody, including himself, had seen so many wolves in Hell Forest all at once, he had brought only two grenades for emergency purposes. He knew that exploding two grenades might not drive away or kill all the wolves, instead it might drive them mad.

"Climb the tree," Brian said calmly. In such stressful situations, his calm demeanor made him the natural leader.


"Climb the tree!" the same words came from his thin lips in an ice-cold voice, not giving any space for an argument. Brian's sharp eyes were fixed on the alpha wolf, and he was ready for the battle that might break out any moment now.

Cora gritted her teeth. She knew that she couldn't be of any help to Brian. On the contrary, she would only hold him back if she stayed on the ground with him. Finally, when the alpha wolf pounced forward, she quickly climbed up the big tree beside them with both her hands and legs.

When the other wolves pounced, following their alpha, Brian threw the grenade in his hand in the direction behind him. Following a loud explosion, the wolves burst into wounded wails.

Scared by the sudden sound and fire, the wolves stopped their attack, not daring to move forward. At the same time, they assumed an attack position, ready to pounce again. Gazing at Brian with their fierce eyes, the wolves howled, one after the other. Their howls sounded increasingly sharp.

The alpha wolf raised his head and howled towards the sky. Brian knew that it was their war horn. He swiftly ran to the tree nearby. As the alpha pounced towards him, he withdrew his legs on time from the ground. The wolf couldn't get a hold of him.

Cora was frightened and her face was deathly pale. By instinct, she stretched one of her hands to pull Brian up. Howeve

out countermeasures calmly and make use of everything within his reach even in such a desperate situation. She wondered if it was because he was too familiar with Hell Forest, or because he was calm and ruthless.

Cora didn't know the exact answer. She asked, "Do you remember the promise you had made at that time?" Brian only hummed slightly. Then he closed his eyes to catch up on some much needed sleep.


Cora had thought that her wish would be fulfilled in a dreamlike manner. However, it had remained a dream. When she had woken up, she had been frightened, not knowing how to react.

Cora clenched her palms into fists. Looking out the window at the bustling crowd, she squinted her pretty, enchanting eyes. A glimmer of coldness flashed in her eyes. "I won't give up so easily. That is not something I would ever do. Brian, I will prove that she isn't the one for you!" she mumbled to herself.


Edgar had sent a land cruiser to pick up Brian and Molly from the airport. After the couple got off the airplane with the twins, they were picked up by a soldier in plain clothes.

When they arrived at the troop camp, Edgar was not there to receive them in person since he had to attend an unscheduled meeting. But before he had left, he had told his secretary to take them to the guest house inside the camp.

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