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   Chapter 1036 Extra Story 17 Of Sweetness Between Bri and Mol Evasion

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Leaning against the driver's seat of the roadster, Cora recalled what had happened thirteen years ago between her and Brian. As the past came back to her, anger and resentment took over her mind.

Her wish had been to be Brian's wife. However, she had figured out later that Brian's promise made in Hell Forest had been ambiguous. After they had gotten out of the dangerous situation, she had mentioned his promise to her. However, he had looked plainly at her and said, "I thought that your wish was to stay at XK Intelligence Agency for another year."

Cora had not expected that the extravagant hope she had grasped onto in such a desperate situation would have all been in vain. She gritted her teeth and took her cellphone, which had been thrown onto the front passenger seat a while ago. She unlocked the phone and went through the list of her messages. She reread the short message which Brian had sent her at two o'clock in the morning.

"Cora, don't harass her, or I will disregard all your feelings. "

Cora snorted coldly. Unconsciously, she tightened her grip on the cellphone. With a slight sneer, she mumbled to herself, "Brian, you should know that when I'm unhappy, I won't let anybody else feel happy either."

Cora thought that she knew Brian well, but she was over-estimating her knowledge about Brian Long. For the top leader of XK Intelligence Agency and the boss of Emp Stock Exchange, the ability to read people's minds was just one of the basic requirements.

Although they hadn't seen each other in many years, Brian still remembered Cora's temper and her style of doing things.

When her cellphone rang in the study, Molly was chatting with Ximena on a line through the computer. She didn't take the call until several rings later. As soon as she saw Daniel's name on the screen, her eyes shone brightly. She picked up the call in a hurry and placed the cellphone by her ear. "Daniel!" she exclaimed.

"Molly," Daniel greeted her. With one hand holding his cellphone and one foot supported on a barrier wall behind him, he looked at the new recruits in a distance. "Do you and Brian have some time off?" he asked.

Hearing Daniel's question, Molly reflexively looked at Brian, who w

ime was to save your face, and now, it is to show his respect for Mr. Long and the God of Gamblers." Cora could not keep her countenance after hearing Tony's explanation. With an emotionless face, Tony continued, "I believe that you haven't forgotten how ruthless Mr. Brian Long tends to be when he is angered." With that, he left the cafe, leaving Cora alone with her thoughts.

What had happened thirteen years ago came back to her mind again.

"Brian, can we really get out of here?" asked Cora. She tried her best to put a restraint on the panic in her heart, but she failed when she once again realized what situation she and Brian were in at that moment.

In the heavily hazy Hell Forest, the wolves glared at them covetously. Their green eyes gave out a terrifying coldness, and their bodies were surrounded by fierce blood lust. She felt like her blood might freeze any second.

Brian didn't answer Cora's question. He glared back at the wolves with his falcon-like eyes, which were giving out a colder aura than the wolves'. As an intelligent predator, wolves could perceive human emotions. Sensing Brian's domineering aura, they remained hesitant about attacking the two people in their encirclement. They were currently in a stalemate.

This glaring and glaring back went on for a long time, too long for Cora to hold on to her sanity. Her mental strength was about to collapse. She was at a point where she might break down at the sound of a branch breaking.

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