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   Chapter 1035 Extra Story 16 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Memory

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Molly sighed silently. She knew that Brian could easily tell what she was thinking about even if she chose not to ask him. She would rather ask him than keep such a load on her mind. After all, she was going to spend her whole life with him. Molly was determined to ask him now. After taking a deep breath, she asked,"Bri, have you ever had a fiancee?"


Cora was having her lunch leisurely at a western style restaurant. Sipping her wine, she looked out the window at the people who were walking by. A faint smile always played at the corners of her mouth.

The prompt tone of a message sounded from her cellphone. She withdrew her sight and picked up her phone from the table. She read the short message,"I have contacted him. It will be a tough task."

Cora shrugged and quickly replied to the text. A few moments later, another message arrived.

It read,"I'm not very optimistic about you."

Cora rolled her eyes. Discontentedly, she replied,"I know what kind of person Brian Long is. He can't escape. I won't allow it."

"Then I can do nothing but wish you luck," the final message arrived.

After reading it, Cora frowned and threw the cellphone onto the table. She was not in the mood to enjoy her lunch anymore.

Leaning against the chair, she raised her enchanting eyes upwards to look at the ceiling. Complicated emotions spilled over them. She knew very well what kind of person Brian was. It was exactly because she knew him so well that she couldn't understand why he had married such an ordinary and coward woman like Molly. She wondered how he had lived with her for so many years.

She snorted. She didn't believe that her father was right this time.

Losing her appetite, Cora decided to give up on her lunch. After paying the bill, she walked out of the restaurant. As soon as she got into the car, she dialed Brian's number—something she hadn't done in the past eleven years.

She still remembered the time when he had caught a pheasant for them to eat in the Hell Forest of XK Intelligence Agency. It felt like that had happened just yesterday. Despite the hardships and her fear in the face of death, she had stayed there for two years only because she had been able to be with him. When she had finished her training at XK Intelligence Agency, she had left with bright hopes brought by the agreement between the two of them. However, she hadn't expected that she would fall into a coma for eleve

climbing—climbing the tree first?"

Brian didn't say a word. He looked around the circle of wolves with his falcon-like eyes, giving out a scary murderous aura from his body.

The wolves' howl sounded terrifying in the gloomy forest. Cora kept gulping in fear. She would have fallen to the ground out of fear long back if Brian wasn't by her side.

"Don't be afraid..." Brian said in a cold voice. "The more you fear them, the more severely they will attack."

Cora told herself to not be afraid, but she couldn't calm down. She had been training at XK Intelligence Agency for only about a year, but she had been determined to go through Hell Forest. She didn't think that it would be this life threatening.

Glancing sideways at her, Brian said in a calm tone,"I told you not to follow me, but you didn't take my advice."

Cora couldn't bear it any longer. She choked on her sobs,"I just wanted to go through Hell Forest with you. I—I..." Due to the embarrassment, she even forgot that she was within the wolves' encirclement. "I only wanted to make you look at me."

Brian didn't look at her. With his falcon-like eyes, he stared at a wolf that had leaned half of its body much further towards them than the other wolves. He knew that this wolf was the leader of the pack. He had no time to take care of Cora at that moment. In order to motivate her to fight against the wolves, there was only one thing that he could do.

"If we survive this attack, I will fulfill your wish," he said.

Hearing that, Cora's eyes lit up all of a sudden. "Really?" she asked in complete surprise.

"Hmm," Brian replied.

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