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   Chapter 1034 Extra Story 15 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Memory

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"I'm confident about Dad, but Mom..." Charlie muttered in a very low voice. "All right. I will no longer interfere, as you said."

"Hmm. Remember to tell me how things are going on your side, in case of any new developments," Mark said. Mark was a bit worried because Charlie was only a three year old kid. After his younger brother promised to report to him when necessary, Mark hung up. Looking at Eric, whose face was covered by a big smile, he said,"Uncle Eric, I feel like we're playing with fire here."

"But we have the same purpose," Eric said, shrugging. "We want to see if your father and mother are able to stand this trial."

Curling his lips in disagreement, Mark said,"You want to see if Mommy will run away from her problem once again."

Eric responded to Mark with just a smile; he did not say anything. Eric only wanted to know if the relationship between the two of them were firm enough that they would no longer part because of any potential third party. If they stuck together firmly with each other, he could not ask for anything more.


Molly was supposedly reading a financial magazine in Brian's office. She stole glances at Brian, who was discussing something with Harrow. She hadn't turned a page in the magazine for quite a while.

At that moment, Tony walked into the office and went straight towards Brian. He said a few words in a whisper into Brian's ear. Molly couldn't hear a word.

Brian's hands paused for a second. He took a look at Molly with his falcon eyes. Molly looked away hastily, as if she had done something bad and was feeling guilty now. She pretended to read the magazine in her hands.

Tony glanced at Molly too. Then in a low voice, he asked,"Mr. Brian Long, do we need to stop her?"

Brian didn't answer. He kept his eyes on Molly and after a while, said in a low voice,"Let's talk about it later."

Tony took a peek at the computer screen on the desk, and then nodded. He then retreated to the far corner of the room, where he always stood almost invisibly.

Harrow and Brian continued their previous conversation until Charlie came back with Evelyn after buying snacks. The two men hadn't finished

ut down the chopsticks and lowered her eyes. She was wondering whether she should ask Brian about the so-called fiancee. If she chose not to ask, the question would become a load on her mind, but instead if she chose to ask him, she was afraid that Brian might feel that she was creating unnecessary trouble out of nothing or that she didn't trust him. She didn't want that.

Leaning against the backrest of the chair, Brian remained calm and composed, gazing at Molly, and waiting for her response. He knew that she was unable to conceal her emotions. Seeing the color of her face change slowly, an almost invisible smile appeared at one corner of his thin lips.

"Uhh..." Molly started, like she was determined to ask him. However, when she raised her eyes to look at Brian, she was met with his deep, black eyes. She didn't know how to ask him about it.

Charlie felt dejected at his mother's hesitation. His little lips moved slightly, mumbling something to himself.

Brian didn't urge Molly to speak. He was willing to wait for her to speak when she had sorted out her thoughts. He already knew what Molly wanted to ask. He had been informed of Cora's arrival as soon as she had arrived in A City. For someone who had been trained in XK Intelligence Agency, it would not be any difficult to find Molly. Besides, Molly had seemed kind of low ever since she had come back to Emp. He could reasonably dope out that the two women had met.

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