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   Chapter 1033 Extra Story 14 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Memory

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Cora remained unfazed and her eyes were still fixed on Molly. She wasn't intimidated by Molly's calmness, because she had already investigated her background and found out everything that had happened between her and Brian. According to her findings, she believed that Molly was nothing but a coward. Although it seemed like Molly had changed later, Cora believed that it was just a disguise and that her nature could not be changed that easily.

"I know you," Cora said in a domineering and arrogant tone. "I'm only here to say hi to you and to let you know of my existence." With a coquettish smile, she turned around to leave, but stopped half way. She turned back slightly to look at Molly. Slowly, in a self-confident tone, she asked,"By the way, do you know why Brian came back to A City so suddenly yesterday?"

Molly didn't answer, neither did Cora explain why Brian had done so. After giving Molly a meaningful smile, she turned around and left. Cora didn't want to put it out there too explicitly, because if she did so, Molly probably would not believe what she said. On the contrary, now that she created a suspense and let Molly's imagination work, she was sure that Molly would keep thinking about what she had said. If she didn't think too much about it, then her doubts would fade away and it wouldn't be a big deal. But once she started wrecking her brains trying to decode the meaning of Cora's words, then it would lead to bigger issues. It was especially true for women.

Cora left the park, satisfied with herself. She got into a silver gray roadster by the side of the road. After putting on her black sunglasses, she turned to look at the gate of the park. With a treacherous smile, she withdrew her sight. Then she started the engine, roaring away into the traffic.

As she turned around the corner and disappeared, Molly too walked out of the park, carrying Evelyn in one arm and leading Charlie with the other hand. She seemed confused. After looking around for a while, she walked in the direction of Emp.

Molly's emotions were apparently clear on her face that even Evelyn was able to sense her mother's depression. She encircled

of connection it is, the future of your parents' marriage will depend on how firm Little Molly is about your Papa Brian."

Leaning against the backrest of the chair, Eric looked at Mark with a smirk. Mark had his eyes fixed on his uncle; he tried to get more information from the expressions on Eric's face. Perhaps it was because he had known Eric for quite a long time or because he was still too young to understand the world of adults, he felt like he was perceiving danger in his Uncle Eric's eyes. It didn't mean that his mother was in danger, it was just that Eric was a dangerous man. It seemed to Mark like Eric was playing some sort of dirty trick.

As an evil smile played at the corners of his mouth, Eric said,"It looks like you have understood what I meant."

As soon as his words faded, Mark's cellphone rang. He glared at Eric before he broke eye contact with him to take out the phone from his pocket. He answered it.

"Brother Mark," Charlie's innocent and cautious voice came through from the other end of the phone. "I want to ask you something..."

Mark listened to Charlie, as he stared at Eric. A while later, he said,"Okay. I think you should do what you want to do."

Charlie's shoulders drooped. Curling his lips, he said,"But I'm afraid that Mom would not bear it. Then things would get troublesome, right?"

After staying silent for a few seconds, Mark answered, "We should have confidence in them."

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