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   Chapter 1031 Extra Story 12 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Fiancee

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Reflecting over her disappointments, she suddenly stopped on her tracks. While her eyes discharged fury in the form of fire, she mumbled to herself, "Brian Long, is this how you fulfill your promise? Huh? If I allow you to get away like this, I would have spent thirty-two years of my life for nothing!"

Meanwhile, all of a sudden, Brian was unpleasantly greeted by a sharp stabbing pain in his heart.

"Mr. Brian Long?" the God of Gamblers drew his attention upon noticing his oblivious disposition, "I'm not pleased by your reaction."

When Brian finally came to himself, he shook his head to clear his thoughts and said, "You wanted to meet Molly? Of course I'll need some time to think about it before giving you an answer." After taking a short pause, he continued, "Although Molly could be considered to be the disciple of your disciple, Chester had already left your school when he started to teach Molly how to gamble. Therefore, your request sounds somewhat exorbitant."

"Aha..." the God of Gamblers burst into a roar of laughter, so violent that it shook the walls. When he finally stopped, he said, "Before I was about to come here, Richie warned me that you were going to be a difficult person to deal with, but I didn't think that you would only be difficult when Molly was brought into consideration." The real purpose behind the God of Gamblers' visit was to take Hanson back from Brian, but he also hoped to meet Molly at the same time. He had heard all about Molly's great achievements after spending just half a year under the tutelage of Chester. Amazed by her aptitude, he couldn't wait to meet her in person, as he imagined the extent of her achievements if she carried on learning under proper guidance.

Suffice it to say, Brian had already figured out what he was thinking. The God of Gamblers wanted to bring Molly under his wing to teach her the dark arts of gambling by himself. However, Brian felt differently. He would rather have Molly know nothing about gambling at all, because he was afraid that if Molly had learned gambling skills from the God of Gamblers, she would pester him about how to run his business everyday once she knew how everything operated.

"Mr. Brian Long, why don't you let me ask Molly for her own opinion?" Suffice it to s

ant you to gather intel on Cora's background," he said.

"What?" Tony was not able to react properly to Brian's order right away.

Frustrated, Brian's face contorted in anger and in a cold timbre he yelled, "Some things are too strange to be left to coincidence!" With that, he opened the car door and got off as though there was nothing weird about his sudden outburst, leaving Tony wandering in a daze. As far as Brian could remember, he had never heard of the God of Gamblers' real name. All he knew was that then the God of Gamblers had begun his career in gambling, he used to called "The Fifth". Later, when he had become successful and praised as the God of Gamblers, people gradually forgot that he used to be called "The Fifth". "The God of Gamblers" was an apt moniker. No one knew his real name or the family he came from.

With virtually zero record on him in the information database, it was impossible to trace his ancestry to his historical roots. However, Brian figured there had to be some clues elsewhere.

With these thoughts in mind, Brian crept into the house as quietly as he could. He didn't want to accidentally disturb the sleeping twins or Molly. However, as soon as he went upstairs, he sensed that something wasn't right. Frowning slightly, he squinted at the door of their bedroom. He walked forward in muted steps and pushed the door open. Much to his relief, Molly was awake, rolling around in bed and laying in the same position as when she had spoken with Eric on the phone earlier.

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