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   Chapter 1030 Extra Story 11 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Fiancee

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Molly couldn't stop her lips from frowning as she looked at the number. Something didn't feel right about it. She figured if the person at the other end of the call had accidentally dialed a wrong number, he or she would have hung up as soon as they'd hear Molly's voice. Assuming the caller was a stranger, since Molly didn't have the number stored in her phone, who was looking to speak to her, he or she would have said something to her. However, the fact that the call fell in neither category left Molly in confusion. She placed the cellphone to her ear again, "Hello? Who is this?" As far as she could remember, all the number of her friends and relatives had been stored in her cellphone before and she hardly gave her personal number to strangers. As a result, a call from an unknown number was a rare occurrence to her.

The person on the other end of the line remained silent, but Molly knew that the person was listening because she could hear the sound of slow breathing. For some reason, Molly's instincts were telling her that the caller was a woman.

"If you have something to say to me, please speak," Molly said after subsiding her confusion. "If you don't, then I will hang... up..."

The beeping sound, which indicated that the person had hung up, interrupted Molly before she could even finish her sentence. With a puzzled expression adorning her features, Molly seemed to be lost in her own thoughts. However, it would take a lot more than a prank call to daunt her. She was no longer the coward woman she had once been. Although she still had a long way to go with self-improvement, she wouldn't run away from facing any threats that had the potential of damaging her present.

With these thoughts racing in her mind, Molly brought up Brian's number in her cellphone. But instead of pressing the call button she lingered on her thoughts for a long time. After much deliberation, she decided against calling Brian and dialed Eric's number instead.

"What is it, young lady? What could be so important that you had to call me at his hour, Little Molly?" Eric answered almost immediately in a playful voice. "Are

able and stood up, allowing the light to finally reveal her face.

Cora was a tall and slender figured girl, with an olive complexion and dark violet tresses longer than her back. Wearing jeans that hugged her hips nicely, a fur top that showed off her ample bosom and a pair of Doc Martens boots, she could have graced any billboard or magazine cover, but she was better than those two dimensional photoshopped models. Eyebrows like sleeping silkworms shaded her phoenix eyes. Her sharply defined nose and luscious lips could draw the attention of those who looked at her once. With the face of a goddess, nobody could take their eyes away from her.

In a rhythmic yet somewhat arrogant gait, she strutted out of the bar and went back to the royal garden. Since she was not a member of the Long Family, she was not allowed to stay at the Long Family Mansion. Night came when the scorching heat surrendered to the onshore breeze and people could be outside without needing to cover every inch of their skin. The stars came as if to welcome the hours of comfort and relaxation. People would sit, with their heads tilted toward the sky, observing the constellations and the patina of the moon. Unfortunately, none of the comforts of night could provide Cora with happiness at the moment. The fact that their previous agreement had become the reason why Brian had escaped from her was something she wasn't able to foresee.

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