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   Chapter 1029 Extra Story 10 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Change

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"I knew that!" Humiliated at that moment, Shane didn't mind being criticized at all. "I only wanted to see whether the God of Gamblers could still turn the tables calmly when I made such a sudden move."

As soon as his words faded away, both the people inside the monitoring room and the middle-aged man in the VIP room were stunned.

"How did you know who I am?" the God of Gamblers asked while looking at Shane with a smile at the corners of his mouth and with his hands crossed over his chest. He was quite impressed by Shane's behavior by this time.

Shane responded to him with a confident smile. Slowly, he explained, "I once heard from my master that the God of Gamblers grew inversely. The older he is, the younger he would look. Besides, nowadays in this world, apart from having cheating skills, the cards could only be replaced in such a traceless way by the gambling skills of the God of Gamblers himself! I guess even Hanson can't do such tricks so swiftly and seamlessly."

Gambling skills could be obtained by learning, but that also depended on natural gifts to a certain extent. A few were gifted with skills in gambling but it took only one to be labeled as God of Gamblers. Although Hanson had quite a natural gift, he had been slightly inferior to his master, the God of Gamblers.

The God of Gamblers seemed to be satisfied with Shane's analysis of his identity. With a nod, he said, "When your master mentioned you to me, it sounded that he loved you while hating you at the same time. Now it seems that he was right. You're excellent, young man."

"But I don't understand..." looking him straight in the eye, Shane said in a slightly hesitant tone. "Why do you appear in A City since everybody knows that you have been secluded from the world for a long time." After taking a short pause, he continued, "I reckon you're targeting Grand Night Casino or the man that played against you just now?" While saying that, Shane's voice sounded obviously

le fixing both their eyes to each other. The room was filled with tension and the cold atmosphere suddenly turned warm and uncomfortable. No one dared to make a move or even break the silence.

Laying in the bed, Molly was not sleepy at all. She had been feeling uneasy since they had left Dragon Island. She could not tell why she was uneasy, but she had a feeling that something unexpected would happen and Brain might be in trouble.

Tossing and turning for quite a while, she still could not fall asleep. Thus she gave up sleeping and turned on the light and get out of bed. Taking a glance at the clock on the wall, she found that it was nearly midnight. Frowning slightly, she picked up her cellphone. When she was about to dial Brian's number, the cellphone rang, as if there was a kind of telepathy.

Reflectively, she picked up the phone and placed it by her ears with a smile, without even taking a look at the number displayed on the screen of her cellphone. "Bri, when will you come back?" she asked.

What answered her on the phone was silence. She frowned slightly. Thinking that maybe there was a very poor signal, she withdrew her hand to take a look at the screen of the cellphone. Immediately she found that there was a strange number displayed on the screen.

The call was not from Brian.

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