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   Chapter 1028 Extra Story 9 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Change

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He drove the car by himself, sliding across the streets in the sleepless A City. In this bustling city, people would not stop their merrymaking with the colorful nightlife only because of bad weather. In this city with such a developed economy, there were many industries that sounded not very decent, yet was crowded with patrons. No matter they had money or not, people were busy enjoying their life at night.

As soon as he arrived at Grand Night Casino, Brian went directly to the monitoring room on the top floor, followed by Jason. After watching the surveillance video of a VIP room, Brian asked in a cold voice, "Have you identified him? Have you learned anything about him?"

"We have been trying to find out who he is," Jason answered hesitantly, as if he was a bit ashamed, "but... unfortunately, we haven't been able to identify him yet." He continued while lowering his head. As one of the top casinos in the world, Grand Night Casino had stored some pieces of information about anybody that had been known for gambling skills or cheating skills. However, they were not able to find out the background of the person in that VIP room, who was excellent in both gambling and cheating. As the person in charge of the daily operation of Grand Night Casino, Jason really felt quite ashamed.

Hearing that, Brian's black eyes gradually became deep. He first took a slight glance at Jason and then looked at the screen, on which the real-time surveillance video of that VIP room was displayed. The middle-aged man, who they were talking about, was taking the biggest straight flush one more time. It was almost impossible for anybody to get such good cards when Shane served as the dealer. However, to their surprise, he did that. If he had done that by cheating, Shane should have found out. If he had done that by gambling, it should be assumed that Shane had been too careless.

After taking an intercom from aside and adjusting it to the same frequency with Shane, Brian ordered in an indifferent tone, "Give him four of a kind."

Hearing that, Shane's face didn't change color at all, as if nothing had come to hi

rt twisted all of a sudden. Enveloped by mixed emotions, and extreme disappointment, the man just fell on the floor weakly.

Seeing that, Shane frowned slightly. When he raised his head, two security guards came immediately and pulled the man out, sending him directly to the hospital.

In the VIP room, the middle-aged man sat on the chair in a leisurely manner, not an expression of worry or tension could be seen on his face. His fingers tapped the table which was covered by a piece of red lint once in a while, and his eyes, in which there was a forced smile, were fixed on Shane. Slowly, he said, "You really deserve the reputation of being the best card dealer. You did it so cleanly and quickly that I'm afraid nobody could discover that."

Since they both knew clearly what each other had done, they no longer needed to hide anything from each other. With a faint smile on his face, Shane said, "You discovered that, didn't you, sir?"

Hearing that, the middle-aged man raised his head and burst into laughter. "The young generation has surpassed the older ones..." All of a sudden, he stopped laughing and stared at Shane with his sharp eyes. "But how could you be so self-satisfied at such an early age!" With a cold snort, he continued, "Do you think I could not win over his cards unless I had four of a kind? When you replaced my ace, I could still change the cards into a full house to beat him."

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