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   Chapter 1027 Extra Story 8 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Change

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Getting his point, Richie nodded. He knew that his previous plan that Evelyn and Charlie could stay together with Shirley for a few more days would not be carried out because of Cora's sudden visit.

It was not until Brian returned to Glamour Hall that he got to know Evelyn had been injured. She had been crying in a pitiful manner in front of her mother, as the pain was incessant and could not make her stay asleep. As soon as she saw her father, she began crying even harder.

Intending to teach her a lesson, Brian didn't try to console her. Instead, he just let his daughter cry. As a child of the Long Family, if she behaved like that every time she was injured, how could she protect herself in the future?

Cuddling Evelyn to silence, Molly was now quite used to Brian's attitude for such acts of discipline, and she agreed with him. Therefore, after managing her to stop crying, she stopped showing her attention to Evelyn's tantrums. She thought that not having someone to comfort her would make the child stronger. She realized that what Brian had said to her made sense. Although she felt sorry for her daughter, she knew that the children had to learn how to be independent and responsible for their actions.

"Mommy, I heard from a servant that..." curiously, Mark asked while coming into the room from outside, "you and Papa Brian are leaving. Is that true?"

Hearing his question, Molly nodded to affirm.

Seeing that Evelyn was crying sadly and her legs were neatly covered in gauze, Mark walked to her and gave her a hug. He rubbed her back soothingly and wiped her face dry. Sensing that there was someone who cared for her, the little girl gradually stopped crying. Her cries turned into sobs. While hushing his younger sister, Mark asked, "Do you have to leave so suddenly?" He was reluctant to part with his family again so soon and was saddened at the thought of them leaving so soon. All this time, he was expecting that they would stay a little longer.

Shrugging, Molly answered, "I don't know. Maybe your Papa Brian has something to deal with."

"Oh!" realizing the urgency of his father's work, Mark answered and he didn't go on asking questions. Because of the spee


Tony drove them back to the villa by the lakeside. As soon as the car stopped, Brian's cellphone rang. Picking up the phone he accepted the call without saying a word. He only listened to the voice coming through from the other side of the phone silently. All of a sudden, his face became darker than the black sky without a star, giving out the sign of a coming storm.

Noticing the change of expression on his face, Molly looked at him in curiosity, wondering what he had heard. Evelyn had fallen asleep in her arms on their way back. Seeing that Brian hung up the phone hurriedly, she didn't say a word but asked him with her eyes.

Looking at her quizzical look, Brian didn't say a word either. He opened the car door, covered Evelyn with a blanket, and took her over from Molly's arms and out of the car. It was not until he placed his daughter properly in her bed that he said to Molly in a low voice, "I'm going to Grand Night Casino. You go to bed first and don't wait for me. Okay?"

Sensing something odd, Molly knew that it was not the right time to ask questions to answer the great confusion in her mind, so she only nodded and said, "Okay!"

With one of his hands covering the back side of Molly's head, Brian gave her a soft kiss on her forehead. He closed his eyes to feel the warm air around her body quietly. At the moment, he knew clearly that this woman would never leave him in her lifetime, and that he would never leave her either.

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