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   Chapter 1026 Extra Story 7 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol Change

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"You may look around to find where Charlie and Evelyn are. I'll just be going to the Main Hall," Brian anxiously said to Molly when he found that the twins were not in the Glamour Hall after they returned home to the Long Family Mansion. Then turning sharply around, he strode outward, as if there was an emergency.

Molly was somewhat dazed. She was shocked at the turn of events and didn't know what had happened. Inside her she felt a strange feeling about the atmosphere. On her mind, the scene she had just witnessed earlier kept on resurfacing. In her own point of view, the reason why Eric had gone to the airport was to find Brian, and maybe he had gone for Brian to tell him that something had happened in A City. That thought made her wonder whether the two of them would go back to A City right now. However, on second thought, Moly felt that something was not right. Eric was not the right person to inform Brian of what had happened to A city if indeed something wrong had happened in A City. She was totally confused and was frustrated that she couldn't put her head over the matter. Things just seemed to be so odd around her.

While still thinking about the matter, Molly walked blindly outward to look for her children. She asked a couple of servants she met about the whereabouts of the twins. Soliciting no concrete answers from the servants however, she headed towards the small play area in the west of the Long Family Mansion. To her surprise, however, before she arrived there, she saw a servant running towards the direction of Glamour Hall in panic and flurry.

When the servant saw Molly, alarmed and scared at what happened, she stopped running and said to Molly hastily, "Mrs. Molly Long, Miss Evelyn fell and hurt herself!"

"What!" Molly gasped in frustration. With hundreds of thoughts running on her mind, from Brian to Eric and now to Evelyn, Molly ran to the play area before she was able to clear her mind.

Without time to look at her, the servant also went on running in a hurry to the Glamour Hall to take a first-aid case.

"Evelyn, does it hurt?"

With his eyes sympathizing his sister, Charlie asked while squatting in front of Evelyn and blowing towards the wound in her leg. His face was in a frown and was covered with a sense

aid with a faint smile at the corners of his mouth. "She can't do anything harm against me."

Hearing his words, Richie lowered his eyes slightly. He knew that Brian still held a grudge against him about the fact that he had sent Molly away when she was pregnant with Mark. He knew he had helped Molly but for Brian, it had resulted in several years of separation between them. Moreover, he had no idea that Molly was already bearing his child. He felt betrayed and humiliated by what Molly and Richie did. With the thoughts of the past in his mind, Richie raised his eyes and said indifferently, "I won't meddle in your affairs, but you'd better not overdo it..." The Ke Family were deeply related to Mr. Xie, the founder of XK Intelligence Agency. Even if Richie would not step in to help Cora, he would not let Brian do anything that might make Mr. Xie think that he was not respected and honored by the father and son of the Long Family.

Of course, Brian knew what Richie was worried about. He was no longer a single man that had only himself to worry about but he was a husband and a father now. When he planned to do anything or make any crucial decision, he didn't only think about himself, he had a wife and three children to consider. "Set your heart at rest. What you're afraid of will never happen," Brian promised. After reassuring Richie, he looked around and tried to find his mother, but Shirley wasn't there for the time being. Thus Brian said with a smile, "Tell Shirley that I'm leaving with Mol."

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