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   Chapter 1025 Extra Story 6 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol A Trump Card

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Mark wrapped his arms around Spark's neck and he placed his little face over Spark's shoulder. In a soft voice, he said, "You will always be my daddy no matter what happens. Okay? I know that I would not be able to stay by your side very often, but I will always be your backup."

As soon as he heard that, Spark's vision became blurred. Tears were already streaming from his eyes.

As he tried to suppress his emotions, a faint, warm smile flashed on his lips. If he would dream of Molly all his life, he would miss Mark all his life. He was not his biological son, but he had been with him every day for four years. How many four years could a child have?

While he was sad that he was bidding him goodbye, Spark was happy that Mark became a part of his life. Solely because of him, Spark felt that his trip to Dragon Island was worthwhile.

Standing by the window of the VIP room at the airport, Molly saw the airplane Spark was in take off and fly into the sky. Did she feel sad? No, since now, she regretted nothing in her life. How could she ever feel sad?

She was with the man who loved her very much. She had cute, loving children. She had somebody else she cared about. A life journey actually had no end, and people only felt facing an end once they stopped making footsteps themselves. She thought, 'You only have to work hard and try your best. Even if you think that you wouldn't be able to hold on because of cowardice, your life's end would be different because of all the work you have put in it.'

"Bri, thank you..." Molly said with all of her heart as she looked up at the blue sky. "Thank you for letting me meet you in my life."

Hearing that, Brian held her in his arms gently from behind and gave her a soft kiss on the top of her head. In a deep, warm voice, he said slowly, " are you going to thank me?"

Hearing Brian's response, Molly became speechless. With what she said, the sentimentality of it and all the emotion she had put into it, she fully thought she had started some kind of romantic plot. And she made sure that that plot would easily be completed by Brian. However, he didn't follow her script and instead, he turned the romantic play into a soap drama. But then, thinking about it, Molly found that she was not very surprised. That was exactly something he would say and do at that time.

As she rolled her eyes, she was prepping herself to ask Brian if he knew what romance was at all. However, Brian spun her around 180 degrees all of a sudden. Before she was able to react to such an act, her eyes met Brian's deep-set and bottomless eyes, and immediately, she forgot how angry and frustrated she had been just a moment ago. Actually, she had forgotten how to react.

"Molly, you have been using Spark to make me angry and jealous for the past few days. How about talking about that and balancing the accounts?" Brian said in a lower and deeper voice, his eyes staring deeper and deeper into Molly's soul. That made Molly feel like Brian was starting to control h

w and take pleasure in other's misfortune. "That somebody is Cora Ke," he added.

As soon as he heard those words, Brian squinted slightly and asked, "Cora Ke, the one who had been trained at XK Intelligence Agency?"

Shrugging, Eric answered, "Yeah." He smiled more brightly as he saw Brian's overcast face. "Besides, Richie said that you wouldn't return to A City in a few days." Before Brian was able to say a word, a sweet voice came through from the airport's PA system.

"Flight KN7451 from Brunei has arrived..."

Brian glanced at Eric. Without saying a word, he passed by him and strode out of the VIP room. Eric turned around to look at Brian's back. The smile at the corners of his mouth didn't disappear. Actually, he was smiling wider, like a maniac.

Dragon Island had not witnessed such a dramatic thing for a long time. Now that Spark had just left, Cora was arriving. He could not wait to see what would happen.

Brian got on the car and sat on the backseat next to Molly silently. Molly frowned slightly and asked, "What's wrong? What happened?" She wondered whether there was something wrong since Eric had come to him.

Tony started the car. He took a look at the backseat from the rear view mirror but as soon as he saw Brian's gloomy face, he withdrew his sight. Such an expression would not appear on Brian's face only because of something about Dragon Island, Grand Night Casino or Emp. He inferred that probably his boss' expression had something to do with Molly.

"Nothing," Brian answered in an indifferent tone. "Something happened in A City. We have to go back as soon as possible. Let's go back and pack up. I will tell the airport to arrange a private plane."

"Hmm," Molly said in acknowledgement, looking out the window. She didn't ask any more question despite the confusion and uneasiness she was feeling in her heart. As they journeyed back, she felt the aura around Brian become colder and colder. It made her uncomfortable, and scared of what might be happening.


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