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   Chapter 1024 Extra Story 5 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol A Trump Card

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In Brian's opinion, ever since Molly had given birth to Charlie and Evelyn, her power had lied in her ability to control him through her sweet, sexy actions. Whenever he was angry or unsatisfied with her, she would just say "I love you" to him and everything he was feeling would go away. These three words were her trump card. Nobody except himself knew how powerful these three words were. Every time Molly said that to him, he was not able to disagree with her. He could do nothing but lay over her on the bed in order to appease his negative emotions. In this situation, however, that wasn't possible to do. He didn't forget that it was daytime and that they were still on the road.

Seeing that Brian didn't move, Molly blinked, confused. Knowing Brian very well, she was afraid that he would do that to her despite the improper place and time. When she was about to say something to make him give up the idea, her cellphone rang.

"Wait, Brian. Somebody is calling me..." Molly said. A glimmer of gratefulness flashed across her eyes. The phone call arrived just in time, and she was thankful for it, no matter who it was from.

Brian's face significantly lit up and his expression wasn't as dangerous as it had been. It was not until Molly saw that she sighed with relief. When she fished her cellphone from her handbag, she found that the number displayed on the screen was the phone at Glamour Hall. Wondering if anything had happened, she frowned slightly. Hastily, she picked up the call and took deep breath, ready to talk to whoever was on the other end of the line.

However, she wasn't ready for what she was going to hear.

Earth-shattering cries came through as soon as the line was connected. When she heard that, Molly instantly froze. As far as she knew, there was no one else in this world who could cry that hard except for Evelyn.

Molly sighed, annoyed and amused at the same time. Knowing clearly who was at the other end of the line, she asked, "Charlie, are you calling me because Evelyn is crying?"

"Uncle Eric said that Evelyn hasn't seen mom or dad for a whole day..." Charlie answered with his innocent voice, though his tone sounded domineering and accusatory.

nd and trained in a troop for two years in total, he started exuding an aura of responsibility and leadership despite his young age. Such a domineering aura was natural to the members of the Long Family, something that was embedded in Mark's bones.

For Spark, Mark was still the baby he was when they were still together abroad years ago. He had seen his birth and his growth from an infant to a kid. His memory of Mark crying in his arms and him teaching him music was still fresh in Spark's memory. Through those years, he and Mark had brought a lot of joy to Molly. With those memories in his mind, Spark's smile softened, almost as if it was distant. Deep inside, he knew those would only be memories, not to happen again.

As Mark approached him, he slowly squatted. Mark was wearing formal clothes. Raising his eyebrows slightly, he asked, confused, "Didn't you say that you have something to do in the National Congress? How could you be back so early?"

Mark placed one of his arms over Spark's neck and sat on his leg, just as what he had done when he was very young. "I miss you very much, Daddy. I know that you're leaving Dragon Island soon, so I want to spend some time with you while mommy and Papa Brian are together."

Hearing that, Spark felt his nose ache all of a sudden, and his eyes turned red at the same time. Tears were welling in his eyes. The reaction surprised him. Never in his life had he known that he was such a sentimental man.

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