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   Chapter 1023 Extra Story 4 Of Sweetness Between Bri And Mol A Trump Card

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With her mouth ajar, Molly didn't know how to respond to Brian. The corners of her mouth twitched for a couple of times before she was able to plaster a fake smile across her lips. Gritting her teeth in secret, she finally managed to say, "Angry? How could I be angry? Of course I'm not angry. Ha-ha..."

"Mr. Brian Long, your pen is ready!" the salesman announced. As he did that, he handed Brian a delicate-looking bag respectfully. Unconsciously, he rescued Molly from great embarrassment.

In an indifferent manner, Brian withdrew his sight from Molly. After paying the bill, he said, "Let's go. It will be almost time for dinner when we arrive."

Sulkily, Molly followed him out of the store and got in the car. On their way to the restaurant, Molly was in low spirits. For the life of her, she could not understand why Brian couldn't act romantically towards her just like how Richie did towards Shirley. 'Hasn't he inherited his father's romantic gene?' she wondered to herself. For consecutive days, she had intentionally met with Spark in the hopes of arousing Brian's jealousy. To her disappointment, however, he looked as indifferent as he did before, as if he didn't care about his wife being close to another man.

While driving the car, Brian took his eyes off the road for a brief second to look at Molly. His usually hard, cold stare became soft and his face lightened up. He even had a faint smile on his lips. "Wing and Weston will leave Dragon Island tomorrow. I've just told Mark that we will also leave in a couple of days... Shirley wants Charlie and Evelyn to accompany her for a few more days. When she and Richie go back to XK Intelligence Agency, they will make a detour to A City to send the twins to us."

"Hmp!" Molly answered sulkily, rolling her eyes. "I already know that."

Hearing annoyance and frustration in her voice, Brian took another quick glance at Molly. No words came out of his mouth, however, and he continued driving in silence.

This made Molly angrier. She could not tell whether Brian was really oblivious at how angry he was making her feel, or he was just pretending not to recognize it. Some moments ago, he had pulled her out of the bar and away


Molly, on the other hand, was too stressed to respond to Brian. A moment ago, she had wanted to irritate him by arousing his jealousy. Now that wish came true, she found that the consequence might be more severe than she had expected.

"Mol? !" Brian shouted, set on getting answers from the lady. Seeing and feeling Molly's guilt without her even saying a single word, he felt even more angry and uncomfortable. When he had Elias and other doctors cure Spark's hand, his original intention had been to stop Molly from feeling guilty for his injured hand forever. Knowing her, he had known that as long as Spark didn't regain the normal use of his hand, the whole thing would always be a load on Molly's mind. However, he hadn't expected that when Spark's left hand recovered, the two of them would meet each other every day as if it was their job!

While Brian's face had danger written all over it, Molly knew exactly how to diffuse the situation. Suddenly, she wrapped her arms around his neck, and with the sweetest smile she could muster, she began flirting with him through her eyes. Then, in an uber sweet voice, she said, "Bri, you're the man that I like the most." While the whole act stunned Brian, he wasn't ready for what Molly had in store for him. After she proclaimed how he was the man she liked the most, Molly gave him quick, soft peck on the lips. With another sweet smile plastered on her lips, she continued, "And you're the only man I love."

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